Thursday, January 15, 2009

Take Note ....

If you have a Michael's Craft store near you, this is a perfect craft.  Now listen, I am NOT crafty, nor do I claim to be.  I do claim to be resourceful and I will steal any idea, BUT I will tell you first that I am stealing (or borrowing it) -- imitating is the sincerest form of flattery, right?  I am so excited about this one, because it's something I came up with on my own.  

I got these notecards at Michael's for $.60 for a set of 10!  I bought a TON and they had all different designs.  I bought the ones that did not look Christmas-sy so I could use them for something like this.  The ribbon you see was also $.60 a roll -- CHEAP!  I have a friend with an upcoming birthday and thought this would be a nice little added gift (dont't worry, I'm not that cheap, I also bought her another gift to go with these) ~ anyway, I was with my fabulous friend Torrie and she suggested I get the glitter.  I bought the opal colored glitter glue and then just embellished the notecards in random places.  

Before ~ not embellished ~ still pretty but what girl doesn't love a little sparkle?!

You can't really see, but there is glitter on the card.  If you click on the picture, it will make it bigger and you can see it.

I took the ribbon and found some other black ribbon in my stash and wrapped it up all nice and pretty.  SO for less than $2 ~ I have a beautiful gift for a someone special!


maitlandmommy said...

Ok - perfect timing, i have to gift a really good friend of mine next week for her birthday - and i love this - so consider it stolen- thankfully i have a michael's around the corner. Thanks for the tip!

AndreaLeigh said...

natalie - thanks so much for your kind words on my debbie downer post. you are so right - i do need to get out and get involved. i'm going to seek out some women's social groups and definately start looking at churches. thanks!!