Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crazy Cameron is 4!

**** Warning:  LOTS OF PICTURES! ***

Here is a recap of Cameron's birthday party!  Blogger uploaded my pictures BACKWARDS, so I'll just have to tell you what's going on in each picture -- that's half the fun anyway!

Here is McKenzie and Cameron ~ she is Cameron's girlfriend, but also my Foster Daughter.  I love her like my own and enjoy hanging out with her -- oh, and her Mom is pretty cool too ;)

This is the motley hunting crew -- if we could just get Trotti out of his suit and into camo, then it would be complete ..... or maybe we need to get these 3 out of camo and into a SUIT!  

David, Chad and Cody

The food table ~ as you can see, it was a camo themed party.  See Cody there in the corner? Head to toe camo -- the guys took this VERY seriously -- it was FANTASTIC!

Family picture at Cameron's party ~ Cameron had just washed his face paint off.

This was when we were cutting the cake.  It was SO much fun.  Uncle Russ made 2 cakes and it was hilarious.  One cake was a camo cake with a shooting game on it -- WATCH THE VIDEO -- and the other was left over cake and icing that he made into a smash cake for Cameron -- which Cameron DID smash -- it was so funny!

Cameron posin' -- in his spiderman face paint!

Sign at the candy buffet -- this is what we did instead of favors -- it was BRILLIANT!

The candy buffet - probably my favorite part of the setup!  There was even a Coleman lantern on the table!  All the candy was camo colors (green, brown, cream, black) with a touch of Hunter's Orange thrown in -- you know, for safety.

Camo bread --- with peanut butter and fluff 

The infamous CAKE - it was ridiculously good and this is the FIRST cake that I've ever had where we didn't throw not ONE BIT of it away.  It was THAT good.

OK -- now a trip down memory lane ... this was as we were leaving the hospital after Cameron was born -- little did we know that just 7 weeks later, our lives would be FOREVER changed (for the better -- this was when God lead us to move, seriously, pack up and move out of TN FOREVER (and I say FOREVER) .... and we did and it was the BEST thing we ever did). Kim, do you remember coming to the hospital and sitting with me?  Seems like yesterday and you were not far from having Hudson ~ and Kennedy calling you and Lonnie, Frenchie and Connie??!!   Oh that was so funny.

This is still one of my favorite pictures ever.  This is my Dad meeting his Grandson for the first time.  
So that's it -- the party itself was a complete success.  It was so much fun and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!  I had so many wonderful friends helping me, I couldn't have pulled it off without them.  Amber took all of the wonderful pictures!!  


Mom said...

Lord, the shirt your dad has on in the picture - I just took it out of the dryer!


AndreaLeigh said...

wow, what a great party! thanks for sharing.

Kim said...

I'm so sad that you are soooo far away! Happy birthday Cameron!!

And yes, I do remember coming up there! After you were all alone with Kennedy, I didn't want you to be alone with Cameron! Of course I didn't know you with K or I would have been up there then too!!!

LyndsAU said...

thank you for your sweet comment :) I am glad you have been reading my blog :)
I wish you still lived in ATL!
These pictures are so so cute. Your family is adorable. What a precious party!!