Monday, January 19, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

I went to the shooting range today with Chad ~ my first time EVER shooting a gun.  I think I did pretty good, although it did scare me half to death.   It was SO loud ..... even with the earphones on.   We shot over 100 rounds of ammo.  I got the bright idea that I needed to practice picking up the gun, aiming and shooting -- as if someone were breaking in to our house.   We were with friends and I was telling my girlfriend "OK .... .BOO!" .. it was not funny.  Although we were laughing our butts off, the boys just didn't think it was funny.  Chad said "Pick up the gun and shoot, woman" ... so I picked up the gun (like someone was breaking in), pulled it up and COULD NOT FIRE.   When I finally did fire, that joker recoiled and left a nasty bruise on my thumb knuckle -- BUT Chad was proud of me.  He truly believes in the 2nd Amendment Right -- well, and he's a redneck and I'm married to him, so what else can I say.  

Secondly, we spent Saturday in Kissimmee for Kennedy's 1st Cheer Competition of the season.  She has 5 more.  She did really great and I was so proud of my girl.  She is far left, on top -- they came in 3rd by 1/8th of a point. 

Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!?!  

Lastly, I got a new 'do -- LOVE it.  Chad and I went to our friend, Chris Trotti's 40th birthday party.  Here is his wife and one of my BFFs, Shawn ~ she is just beautiful and I think this is a great picture!  We ALWAYS take a picture like this whenever we are together and I always look like poo - - NOT THIS TIME, BABY!!  We boogied and sang all night -- it was so much fun!!

I have to say, Baby Harper has been on my mind all weekend.  I have been following closely to the blogs for updates on her status.  I have fallen to my knees to pray for this baby girl and I hope you will too.  She is a miracle in itself.   Keep Praying!!


AndreaLeigh said...

you look beautiful, and so does your baby girl.

Shawn said...

Funny, the shooting range huh? I was just telling Chris that I wanted to learn how to shoot. The need to protect my girls if needed is growing ~ I swear sometimes we share a brain!

I am so proud of Little Miss Thang! She of course looks absolutly adorable!

The picture of us is frame worthy, we look good girl! It makes me a little less fearful of the big 4-0 ~ I don't think I looked that good at 28.

Love ya like sister #3!

Mignon said...

Two beautiful girls! Love you, (Aunt) Mignon

Mignon said...

And the picture of Kennedy is adorable, and yes, she is beautiful. And, I wish you the best of luck with your new monogramming project. I wish I lived could try it out on my clothes. Now for the gun range, tell Chad to get you a gun that does not have so much "kick" when you are shooting it. Love you, Mignon