Saturday, January 3, 2009

Camo Cameron

So guess what Cameron got for Christmas!?!???

Yes, a gun.  Before y'all go report me to DFACS, it's perfectly legal and is called a "Cricket" -- Kennedy got one last year - a pink one!  Cameron had been asking for one ALL year for Christmas.  He is getting to the age where he understands hunting and has been going with Chad just to ride around the property.  Chad took Cameron on a trip with him recently and it was Cameron that was able to find the 'animal' (are you cringing, Shawn??) -- anyway, it was time and so far he has been out once, but we had to get a picture of him in head to toe camo gear!  I'm sure his Uncles Shawn, Brent, David, Chris and Cody are eating this up!   Yes, I am aware he looks POSSESSED in the first picture and honestly, after this past weekend, I am sure of it!

Here is a sweet one:  Chad said: "HOLD YOUR GUN UP, SON!"  (isn't that what every mama wants to hear?)

Which leads me to my next series of photos.  I decided to throw an impromptu party for Cameron ~ it will be a camo party.  I have even located Mossy Oak plates and napkins.  Yes, I did say CAMO PAPER PRODUCTS!  I am really outdoing myself on a massive budget - gotta use all those Am Ex points for SOMETHING!!  One of our friends encouraged me to take him to a local toy store called Learning Express to register.  We had a ball once he figured out what to do.  He was very particular about what he wanted too -- it's all great stuff.  He REALLY wanted this vacuum cleaner and honestly I had no problem with it, but I know a DADDY that would - so I said "NO" ~ the first toy he picked up was a saxophone, then a trumpet, and then a crossbow ~ SO his Daddy's boy.  I LOVE it though.   Here is a picture of when I said "Cameron, let Mommy take your picture" -- such a POSER!

Finally, the girls from our night at Pam's will get this: It's a pogo stick - and no, he couldn't do it here either.  He just put it down and said "Yep, dat's for big kids".....

I can't wait for his party -- we're doing lots of cool stuff and it should be LOTS of fun.  Of course, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

*** Yes, I have finished my closet, but I'm waiting to post that until this weekend ***


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ooh, a camo party! you must post pics!

i've got to get to walmart to check those ornaments out. sounds super cute! thanks for letting me know and you are so very generous to offer to send me some.

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