Monday, January 26, 2009

Lurkers DELURK -- and a CONTEST!

This is the kid's playroom .... it was painted YEL-LOW because that is absolutely what I could not live without.  Seriously, we have been in this house for a little over 3 yrs and we have nearly completely renovated the whole darn thing (on a BUDGET I might add).  

Anyway, it is beach themed ~ and yes, I know those are silk hydrangeas up top - not very beachy, huh?  There is nothing wrong with your computer monitor ~ those blue marks are because I ran out of paint and the quart of paint that I bought was not exact, so you  could see where I painted over it.  I hated it, but we had SO much going on in the rest of the house, this would have to wait.

This is the playroom today ~ amazing what cold medicine can make you do.  I had the whole dang thing done in a day and NEVER RAN OUT OF ENERGY!!  I painted it "Sea Sand" (appropriate, huh?) and wallpapered the bottom a faux grasscloth (cheeeeeaappp) and even cheaper when using a gift card!  Paint was left over from the guest bathroom that is very near this room.  Also, this is only a 3 wall room, it's the typical "Children's Retreat" often placed in David Weekly homes.  We love it.  I wanted to make it more kid friendly ..... make it a true "retreat" for them.

We trimmed out the window and kept the chair railing that was up.  I insisted on using the same curtains and other decor that was in the room.  A lot of it is sentimental to me for reasons that would probably be dumb to you, BUT I wanted to keep them and yes, they DO match.  There are MANY different colors in the fabric and it is called "Cabana" -- again, appropriate!!  My problem is decorating and furniture arrangement and THIS my friends, is where my contest comes in to play!

This wall ...... what do I put there?  A shelf?  Shelves?  I do have some beautiful beach portraits of the kids that I would like to incorporate.  There are 3 of them in black and white.  I would also like to use 2 large pictures ~ see below ~ those can be placed on either side of the window as well, but I'm keeping my options open on them.  

This is the other side of the room - it's about 8x10 with just the 3 walls.  The other wall houses a LARGE PBK white bookcase,tv set, that has most of their toys and a tv, with the wii, DVD, etc.    I was thinking of placing a kid's club chair in that corner, maybe a computer armoire in the other corner (that would FIT and is made for a corner) and then possibly a window seat/bench in between the two.  I'd like to throw in a couple bean bag chairs or some LARGE floor pillows.

*** The white doors are LARGE cabinet doors that a friend of ours (who happens to make custom cabinets for a living) made for us.  They were free and VERY welcomed.  Cover up 2 LARGE - what used to be - wall units.  They are VERY deep and hold lots and lots of stuff. ***

 *** This desk is going away eventually and the computer will be moved to a corner computer armoire ***   If that helps any of you to envision what I'm talking about here.
So send me your suggestions!  I'm offering up a $25 gift card to a store of YOUR CHOICE (so long as I can get it online) for your suggestions.  Link me to your blog and I'll give you another entry!  I will use a Random Drawing to pick the winner, but all you have to do to enter is LEAVE ME A SUGGESTION or DESIGN TIP of what I should do in this room, including furniture placement, what to put on the walls, etc etc etc.   It's a beach theme room and ties in with the other parts of the house and my kids are 4 and 6.

Contest will end Saturday, January 31!



AndreaLeigh said...

I think I'd do a chair on the one wall. It would fit perfectly in between the two white squares.

On the other wall, how about one of those bookshelf/cubby systems? you could use those cloth cubbies they have in colors that match the room.

Shawn said...

What happened to he hula skirting?

Natalie said...

I don't know what to do with it ...... I still have it.

Lauren Kelly said...

SO CUTE!!!! LOVE IT!!! :)

maitlandmommy said...

natalie - are those closet doors on the wall to the right of the desk? or are they framed for prints? My eyes are old LOL - i was thinking it was a great place to put corkboard on one and paint chalkboard paint on the other.

Holly said...

That's awesome, I love blue and brown together. :)

Shawn said...

OK SERIOUSLY what is up with you?!?!?!

This insanity of no blogging has got to stop! Honestly you are starting to worry me!

Anyway visit my blog SOON I have give you an award and you must step up your game as to not make me look bad for nominating you!

Love ya like a sisat from anotha mista!