Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Ramblings ...

So the year has started off quite well!  I have made a couple New Year's Resolutions and I have been sticking with them.  They are always the same, but so far, so good.  My resolutions are:

~ drink less Coke (notice I said "less" and not "stop" -- I have easily replaced my Coke intake to 3 per week and I try to do that only on the weekends) ~ It's amazing how drinking water really does make you feel better.

~ start to scrapbook: I bought my first set of supplies on New Year's Day with Shawn and Danielle.  They were so funny -- they walked in to the store and I just put all my stuff in Shawn's basket and left -- it was WAY too much for me, but I am looking forward to starting something I have SO wanted to do for a long long time.  

~ walk: I have done REALLY well with b/c I have a partner.  We walk 4-5 miles/day, 5 days a week.  Again, amazing how much better I sleep.

We cleaned out our closet and garage over the past week.  It looks so nice and I really want to keep it that way.  To steal from Pam, my #1 resolution is just to remind my friends and family just how much they mean to me. I want to get better about thank you notes, sending cards and just letting those around me know they mean the world to me.

We are getting ready for Cameron's Camo Party this week -- I can't wait!!


AndreaLeigh said...

i need to work on that coke resolution. i drink about 2 a day, and i could cut that down to 1 per day. and I need to drink more water as well.

i found those ornaments at walmart last night... so excited!

Natalie Willis said...

I don't drink that means I can increase my coffee intake and still be resolute, right?? :-)

Kim said...

Why am I not one bit surprised about the camo party?? What a wild child he is!