Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gone to church camp ....

They arrived in style! Yes, we drove all the way through Tampa with this on the car and they LOVED it!

Kennedy and Abereese (these girls had been at cheer camp all day too!)

Family photo ~ yes, Cameron was being difficult ~ what's new?? He's 3.


Kennedy and Abereese (my bf's daughter) were able to secure last minute spots in our church's camp. Kennedy BEGGED to go. I told her "There is NO TV ~ you can not sleep with the lights on, there is NO TV!" - I asked her 3 times and she shook her head and said she wanted to go! SO, we took them on Monday and are picking them up tonight. I haven't spoken to Kennedy since Monday, but haven't heard from her either, so she must be doing ok! On Saturday night, after church and BEFORE CAMP, we were laying in bed together (Daddy out of town, so that is what we do) and she said "Mommy, am I a Christian?" - YA'LL!!! SO I was so glad she was able to get into this camp ~ I can't wait to her about all the FUN things she was able to do!!

Tomorrow, we leave for:

Where they have this:

and these little people:

But we'll miss this big GUY AKA Daddy:

Sorry, he's from Ocala ~ don't hold it against him! {SMILE}


Shawn said...

How cute were they...all excited to go to camp. Abereese had such fun I'm calling to see if I can send her again sometime this summer. What do you think the chances are of me getting her in while McKenzie is in N.C.? That's so wrong!

Ber said...

don't worry Brent will take good care of Chad this week! I am so glad Kennedy had a good time, maybe next year Madison can go with them. It sounds like fun.

My Beautiful Mess..... said...

Happened upon your blog today via Kim's..cracked up because I am from Ocala :) Didn't know your hubby but of course very proud when I hear about his success because - well something good has to come out of Ocala:) Anywho, nice to "meet" you! Have a safe trip home & Enjoy!