Wednesday, June 11, 2008

White Trash Water Park

Wheeler, this is for YOU!

Please let the boys know Aunt Natalie is sending a new attraction for their water park!

Hugs and Kisses!

For those readers that don't know Kim, you must click on my link above and read her post ~ it's HIGH-LARIOUS!


Rach said...

First off I like the new design! Very cool!

Hee hee you know your kids would like playing in just a regular ol sprinkler just as much as one that has stuff on it! My kids prefer it. Sometimes you just gotta be a little redneck anyway. hahaha =){plus guess ya do whatcha gotta do with 4 kids...whoa!}

Mommy said...

That's a riot! Those kids are gonna love it.

Kim said...

HA!!! You dork - I'm excited!! Mail it!!

Shawn said...

What would McKenzie say if you brought that here?

Oh rain yes...HAIL NO.

She blurted that out the other day and I thought I would loose it, she's so quick whitted. Where does she get it from? HMMMM