Monday, June 2, 2008

Twenty things I will NEVER do ....

I totally swiped this from Katie, she is a blog I found one night while lurking around blogs. I thought it would be neat to do. SO here's my list.

I will never ...

1. ....have a perfectly, spotless, clean house.

2. ....give up on a trying to HAVE a perfectly, spotless, clean house. I am making a CONSCIENCE effort
to get organized over the next few months and KEEP my house clean. Having a full time job and being a full time mama keeps me busy.

3. ....stop loving my girlfriends ~ they are everything to me and I will go to the ends of the earth for them (ya'll know who you are).

4. a mini-van - EVER. NEVER. EVER. Sorry Old Lady in the Shoe - you have 7000 kids so you need one.

5. one of those people that appears to have it completely together - I like my quirkiness.

6. ....not go on my ANNUAL RITZ GIRLS WEEKEND!

7. ....deny my daughter of cheerleading. It's expensive but she loves it.

8. ....drink Diet Coke (willingly). Fountain Cokes - I LOVE YOU!

9. ....leave my son alone in a room with a tub of spackling.

10. ...leave Lysol Bleach spray in a room where said son can reach and spray in random places (couch, bed etc).

11. ...say I will NEVER be a stay at home Mom (anymore).

12. ...not talk to my mom or sister in a 24 hr period.

13. ...turn down Chick-fil-A

14. ...NOT laugh at someone when they fall or stumble, esp during a step class. I will ask if they are ok though - promise. Character flaw - sorry!

15. ...turn down a good sale. Retail therapy ROCKS!

16. 'shy' when singing with my praise team. God gave me the voice, I must use it to HIS glory!

17. ...freak out if Chad were to say "We're Moving" ~ although I feel confident we are here to stay in Tampa for a long long time, I know God has lead us here for a reason and it was the most wonderful thing that has happened to us!

18. ...turn down karaoke - EVER!

19. ...stop stealing kisses from my husband or my kids.

20. ...stop loving God!

What 20 things will you neer do!?!


Kim said...

Hey, am I one of your friends that you will go to the ends of the earth for??

old lady

Natalie said...

of COURSE you are, Old Lady!