Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dear Kennedy,

Six yrs ago today, at 5:35pm, God blessed your Daddy and me with the most amazing gift!  Even at 2 weeks early, you still weighed almost 9 lbs!  I remember the nurses asking me if I was getting an epidural because she was staring at Daddy's shoulders and said that I would probably need one having one of 'HIS' babies.  She was right!  I was scared and excited, nervous, and every emotion wrapped together.  You are Nina and Pappy's 3rd granddaughter, as well as Nana and Paw-Paw's ~ your hair was jet black when you were born and you looked JUST LIKE DADDY!  It was a good thing I was in the delivery room because for the first 3 yrs of your life I wondered if I had anything to do with bringing you into this world.

This is my favorite picture ~ you were about 30 minutes old and were looking at me.  I was looking outside at the sun setting over Nashville and probably wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD I was going to do with you.  I remember waking Daddy up in the middle of the night on the Wednesday we brought you home.  I was crying and asked Daddy to take me back to the hospital.  He thought something was wrong, I just wanted to go back to a place where I knew if you quit breathing, wouldn't nurse, etc etc etc, that there would be SOMEONE there to help me!!   I told Daddy that and he said I was crazy - nothing has changed!
You are fiercely independent and I love that about you.  You embody so much of me and your Daddy, but really, I look at you and see a mini-me.  You are loyal and loving with a splash of attitude.   You love your baby brother and adore your friends.  EVERYONE is your BFF and you let them know that.  You love your cousins and make everyone feel so welcome and loved when they arrive at our house for a visit.  

We have learned that living in Florida has caused you severe distress during love-bug season.  I have seen you act like a complete and total freak-show when a love-bug got stuck in our car.  I thought I was going to have to pull over because I was SURE you were going to jump out of the car.  You do this with any type of flying insect - even beautiful butterflies!   I will say you get it honestly - I have issues with the whole lizard thing here in Florida.

You are starting first grade in just a few days and I am so excited for you.  I know you will enjoy every minute of it and hopefully, will not 'move your color'.  You broke your arm this year and you were so brave - more concerned about missing the Hannah Montana concert.  You handled it like a champ.  I was so proud of you.  I was SURE you were going to freak out when they had to remove the cast, but you amazed me and sat there quiet and still, but with big 'ol eyes that were watching the saw intently.  I knew you were scared but you held it together!  

You are growing up to be a beautiful young lady.  You have lost your 2 front teeth and your 2 bottom teeth.  We are saving for your orthodontia because you are definitely going to need it, but for whatever reason you are excited at the thought of braces.   We finally cut your hair during a visit with Sydney, MacKenzie, Aunt JJ and Uncle Shawn during Spring Break and it was probably one of the best things we did.  You love clothes (THANK GOODNESS) and you love reading.  We look forward to what the year brings as you venture to first grade.

We love you so much, baby girl.  We are so proud and honored God chose us to be your parents and to raise you the best we know how.  I promise we will always do the best and RIGHT thing for you and give you all that you need and just a little of what you want.  

Happy 6th Birthday, Kennedy!  We can't wait to celebrate you this weekend. 



Shawn said...

Seriously, I have tears in my eyes! Hang on, soon you will be celebrating her 14th birthday. Enjoy her, live through her innocent child eyes, and never wish for her to grow up before she has to!

Kisses to the birthday girl from her "Miss Aunt Shawn"

Nina said...


I sat outside your mom's hospital door and listened as you took your first breath and cried letting the world know you were a part of it. I didn't wait to be asked to come into the room, but softly pushed the door open, checked on your mom and saw a beautiful baby girl. I've been checking in on your mom ever since and seeing a beautiful young lady that she is helping to shape into a sweet, caring and loving person.
I am so proud that you are a part of our family - even though you don't look like one single person on our side of the family - not even the hair color! Maybe it's the loss of teeth!!

Much love -
Nina and Pappy

Shawn said...

Hey who took those beautiful pictures?

Natalie said...

Why, my lovely and talented friend, Shawn Trotti took those pictures! Perhaps you know her?! I can give you her number.

Anissa Mayhew said...

Natalie, that post was almost as beautiful as your obvious love for your daughter. I pray she is always the joy in your heart and God continues to bless you with her laughter and spirit.


Kim said...

Okay - she really can't be 6 already!? I think I babysat her when she was a baby - on a bottle - not walking!! That's right, then you and your sister crashed my wedding a few weeks later!! It's all coming back to me!!


and that is a fabulous family picture!!! And your mom is right - that kid don't look like a soul on that side of your family!!!

Happy Birthday Kennedy - love "Frenchie and Connie"!!!

Rach said...

Happy Birthday Kennedy!

Natalie Willis said...

Happy Birthday, Kennedy!!!!!!!! Hope it was a dream come true and all that you dreamed of and deserve!