Monday, August 18, 2008

Hurricane Fay or Tropical Storm or WHATEVER

For those of you that are wondering:

Yes ~ we are in the 'line of fire' for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay.  It is projected to hit our area sometime Tuesday evening.  Actually, I PREFER it to hit in the afternoon.  Ever since the tornado my sister and I sat through in Murfreesboro, TN at 11:00pm, evening storms scare me.  They have even closed down school tomorrow.

Please keep us all in your prayers.  Several of my friends that are native Floridians are not concerned at all - but it is not rubbing off on me at all.  I'm not scared - I'm FREAKED OUT!


Shawn said...

Girl, you're a mess. Come have lock down with the Trotti's. We're planning a popcorn and movie day or we may get crazy and go to the beach!

Kim said...

Girl you are freaked out because you are a "freak"!!! hehe - just kidding.

Lonnie has already called me and asked if I heard from you!? I said, "uhhh, no - why should I?" He says, "b/c of Fay!" I'm like, "who is Fay and what does she have to do with Natalie and Chad?" He says, "you big dork - have you not been watching the news for the past several days?" "UHHHH, NO - I've been watching the O-lympics!"

Needless to say - I know who Fay is! Buckle down - I want a house to come visit next summer!!!