Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A party and the first day of school ....

*** WARNING:  This post contains LOTS 'O PICTURES ****

First of all, Hurricane Fay ~ yeah right, it didn't even rain.  NOT.  ONE.  DROP!

Here are some pics from Kennedy's party ~ it was held at Splitsville, a really cool bowling alley in Tampa.  It was great -- we were in our own little secluded section with no one to bother us.  

Kennedy surrounded by her girlfriends

Cameron and his best buddy, Drake.  I rented an extra lane for the boys and Daddy's ~ Cameron actually got the highest score on his 'team'!
Kennedy's cake - is this not TO DIE FOR!?!?!?  It matched her invitations PERFECTLY.

Blowing out her candles - I love this picture.  I am not sure why my hands are clenched - I think I was just hoping and wishing with her!  I love how her eyes are shut so tight!

Family picture -- she is SO my daughter -- posing.   While we ate cake, the Daddys bowled - it was funny.  Chad had to bowl "Fred Flintstone" style -- barefoot and with his hands just wrapped around the ball because there were no shoes big enough AND there were no bowling balls with big enough holes for his fingers!

The original Trotti Hottie -- "Do I have anything in my teeth?"  Gotta love black icing .... 

Our extended family "children" .... Those shirts?!?!  Yeah, me and Shawn made them.  
First day of school -- GO FIRST GRADER! 

Cameron did NOT want his picture taken -- under ANY circumstances ... I would later pick him up at 9:30 from school -- just an hour and 1/2 after taking him there -- I knew he wasn't acting like himself and he had gotten sick at school (school = PK3 for him) 

Kennedy and Mrs. Oberle ~ how cute is she!!??!  AND she loved her paint can full 'o goodies!

Before we know it, it will be Halloween, then Thanksgiving and then Christmas!!!!  


Rach said...

What a cuuuute cake!!!