Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Fun "back to school" craft idea

My friend Shawn invited me and Pam over this afternoon to make the CUTEST teacher gifts for our girls. All of us have open house either Thursday or Friday, so today was the day we settled down over Route 44 drinks from Sonic and made our crafts. I was so engrossed in mine that I did not even think to take pictures of the 'how to' but you will get the general idea.  

Shawn has done this for both of her daughters' teacher every year.  I LOVE IT!!  She is so 'that Mom' - you know the one.  SO, I'm excited to share her ideas and make the CUTEST stuff for the teachers ~ I know they will appreciate it!  

We took plain silver paint cans from L*wes and added 2 different scrapbooking papers.  It will NOT be long enough to wrap all the way around, you just piece it together.  I used a cute ABC print for the top section and a red one for the bottom.  I added a blue and white stripe ribbon around the seam to cover up where the papers meet.  I added stickers and decorative items around the can.  also I added ribbon on either side of the handle and attached the little 'key' thing for the teacher to use to open it (YES, that is my BEAUTIFUL backsplash that was finished today - just lack grout and sealing!!).

Shawn has a circle cutter (never in my life have seen one of THOSE!) and so she made the top to put on the lid of the can.  I obviously edited out my daughter's teachers name - I don't have a whole lot of anonymity on this blog, but I do freak a little when it comes to school. 

Then on the inside of the bucket, I put cute memo pad, some post-it notes, some book mark style post-it notes, mints, a candy bar, paper clips, stamps and some hand sanitizer.

The total price for this little 'gift' was under $20 -- and I can't wait for Kennedy to give it to her teacher on Friday!  To Chad and me, $20 is NOTHING to spend for a person that will be enriching our daughter's life for the next 10 months!  I even went and got some cute stuff for Cameron's PK3 teacher -- although I will probably need to shower her with gifts all year for dealing with my freak show of a son ~ but I will say this ~ that joker decided last week he didn't want to wear Pull-Ups anymore and it has been 5 days and he has not had ANY accidents!!  


Shawn said...

You've been home all of what 10 minutes and already have a post? you are too much!

Jenn said...

Hey Bon Qui Qui...that's a cute idea....that would be neat to do around the holidays.

Leslie Woods said...

email me at

I miss you!

Sheila said...

Boy that Shawn just has one great creative idea after the other. Isn't she just the best!! I got cheated as I didn't get any of that gene! Your bucket is very cute and I'm sure Kennedy's teacher will love it.
By the way, just remember if that little "freak show" as you lovingly call him is too much for you I'll be happy to take him off your hands as I find him extremely adorable.

Anonymous said...

That is so cute- her teacher will love it! :)Michele

Natalie Willis said...

OK, now, I really feel like total slacker mom. Geez, I was just happy I got everyone's school supplies and they are all still pile in the Target bags they came in. You so rock! HOpe everyone has a great first day!