Saturday, August 16, 2008

I have a hot date tonight ....

with these guys:

That would be Rascal Flatts for you 'non' country people, although, I do think they are pretty mainstream nowadays.  This picture was taken 3 yrs ago when they were in Tampa.  I was still living in Ocala and Chad was negotiating his WQYK deal.  We were able to get tickets and a backstage pass.  NOW, before you get all excited, since Chad has been working at WQYK, I don't go to every concert for free.  I just don't ever want to 'wear out our welcome' and to me, asking for free tickets is a sure-fire way to wear out our welcome!  I DO, on the other hand, buy my tickets before they ever go on sale and I get REALLY good seats and don't have to sit on the computer for an hr before they go on sale, praying the internet doesn't go out or my computer messes up.  Honestly, I very rarely even go to concerts.  Only if it's someone I love love love - well, I love Rascal Flatts and we have a whole slew of people going.  At $95/pop, it better be a GOOD concert (I know it will be).   

Anyway, that's where we'll be tonight and then tomorrow - SPLITSVILLE - for Kennedy's party.  We are keeping it low key this year.  I will update Sunday night!

Love ya'll - have a great weekend!