Saturday, August 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Shawn!

We went out to eat last night to celebrate Shawn's birthday and send off David and Cody to Fire College! I was able to record Chad and our great friend Russ singing Happy Birthday to Shawn (I think Russ's wife Dawn was singing in there as well). It was so pretty -- kind of nice have professional singers as friends, if ya ask me!! The end is the best part - it's so pretty! We had a great night ~ so much fun and SO much laughter!!!!! Just like it ALWAYS is!!

Happy Birthday, Shawn!  I know it's a week overdue, but when you have your daughter ON your birthday, I guess you just gotta take turns!!  It has been fun celebrating with you ~ God SO knew what he was doing when he put us together.    LOVE YOU SHAWN-QUI-QUI!!

More pictures from the night ... 

David & Pam ~ we (as in Shawn) made the boys Fire Marshall Bill t-shirts - it was hilarious!!

Cody had just taken a BIG sip of his tea ~ it had been doctored while he was in the bathroom with tabasco sauce, butter and salt (I think that was it).  See, SOMEONE (who shall remain nameless but his picture is in a previous blog post with BLACK TEETH) mixed the concoction and then sucked it into his straw  and placed it back into Cody's drink - hence when he sat back down and SOMEONE ELSE who was in cahoots (all remaining nameless, but his last name rhymes with BLOCK or CROCK) decided to toast the birthday girl and the boys, so when Cody sucked on the straw after the toast, he, yeah, well, you know ... and I nearly peed my pants in laughter ~ IT NEVER GETS OLD ~ this happened on the cruise too many times to count!!  

The girls - Dawn, Nat, Shawn, Pam and Alisa .....


Shawn said...

What a great night, thanks to all of my friends! I love you all so very very much! God has blessed me with an awesome husband, 2 beautiful healthy children, and the most amazing friends a girl could ever ask for!

I do have one question though...Why am I standing as if I have a pole up my who-ha?

Rach said...

ok Will has made me play Happy Birthday about a million times now because he was sitting in my lap when I played it the first time. He obviously thinks it is a great job too!