Monday, November 16, 2009

Menu-Planning Monday

I got a little off-schedule last week because Big Daddy was out of town, so we kind of just ate what we had in the house! Now, Big Daddy is on a MASSIVE diet, and he can't really deviate from the diet (that's kind of the idea, right?) - but he REALLY can't on this one. He has his own menu (just think chicken, steak, or salad) and so we are free to eat whatever we want!! YAY!

Monday ~ Spaghetti tacos (it's exactly what it is), french fries

Tuesday ~ Polynesian chicken, white rice, peas

Wednesday ~ Macaroni & Cheese, salad

Thursday ~ cheeseburgers, tater tots, baked beas {I will be leaving to go see New Moon with Shawn}

Friday ~ Chicken Katherine, peas, salad

Saturday ~ wine tasting/dinner w/friends



Anonymous said...

will your hubby be partaking of the tacos and fries, mac and cheese, hamburgers as well? If so, i need to be on that diet.

Shawn said...

You totally lost me at New Moon!

Lauren Kelly said...

This always makes me hungry.. You're going to Atlanta again??? :)

Mom said...

Is the baked beas a family recipe?