Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Seriously ... sometimes I just want to raise my hands to the heavens and shout "WHY?!" .. actually, I'm lying, I did that .. today.

Although I don't understand, I will trust in Him and know it is all for a greater purpose.

I have a friend whom I met through a local charity I have done work with - a sweet friend, whom I have gotten to know over the past few years. We didn't hang out on a regular basis, but we did exchange emails, texts, and an occasional phone call.

She has a precious little girl that was fighting leukemia. This sweet girl just celebrated her first yr anniversary treatment free! She is thriving and growing up to be a beautiful little girl, alongside her older sister and brother.

Her mom, Anissa, fought with her and for her. She became an advocate for her daughter and made sure she received the best treatment possible, all the while trying to provide a normal life for her husband and other 2 children. She is hysterical. Really - I would comment on almost every post she wrote and tell her she needed to be a FREAKIN' SITCOM WRITER! She is FUNNY.

Anissa suffered a stroke before Peyton was diagnosed with leukemia. She said that stroke helped her better understand how to care for her daughter. She recovered 100%. Yesterday, she suffered another stroke - this time massive. She is currently in ICU in a hospital in Atlanta. I am shocked, saddened and really confused. There are times today when I was driving home today and I would just weep. Weep because I am just totally blown away by the events that have transpired and really, just how quickly things can change - in an instant.

So I ask you, storm heaven with prayers for Anissa. She did not have a good prognosis today, but after some visits from her children and the power of prayer {I am certain of this}, she is making improvements. You can follow her via her website, Free Anissa or Aiming Low.


Lauren Kelly said...

I will be praying for her and her family during this time!!! There are so many things we will just not understand on this side of Heaven!

justrun said...

I wondered if this was your friend after seeing the blogging community post so much about her. She and her family have been and will continue to be in my prayers. It's impossible to make sense of these things, so I'll put my energy into prayers.
And bless you for spreading the word.

Lesley (LesleyG on Twitter)