Friday, April 3, 2009

Finally ...... FIRST PLACE!

These pictures are all shades of out of order, but I have wasted too much time putting them up here just to have to redo them -- does anyone know a better photo host to post pics on your blog??

Anyway --- our competition this past weekend -- THE GIRLS PLACED FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#1 and it feels SO good!

Shawn and Peanut came out to support!!  Here they are with my Princess and their CHEER FACES!
Here is one of the 'moving pyramid' -- hard to explain but they move and it freaks me out.  Yes, she's been dropped - BADLY 

This is where they throw up my baby and she pops up into a heel stretch - I was quite impressed with her abilities to hold it up there as long as she did!

My baby and the FIRST PLACE trophy!! WOO HOO!!!

Ok, so let me break it down for y'all ~ we have been involved in this one gym for 2 yrs now.  We vowed NEVER to go back after last season and I was sucked into going back.  I kept commenting to Shawn that it seemed more expensive than it was last year - that competition fees were so much MORE!  Well, come to find out, the owner was double, sometimes TRIPLE charging us on competition fees and then we'd get 2 days before the competition and he'd cancel.  The ones we would go to, we ALWAYS came in last place.  It started to SUCK and not be fun.  He was very impatient and not challenging the girls at all.  He always had an excuse as to WHY they came in last, wouldn't give them harder stunts b/c 'they aren't mature enough for it'.   

Well, 3 weeks ago, we walked in and he wasn't there.  Come to find out he was about BROKE and sold the gym without telling anyone to another coach.  THIS WAS THE BEST THING EVER TO HAPPEN TO THAT GYM!!!  We also found out he took over $40,000 from the parents that were entrusting their children with him -- he overcharged me alone $650 and still owes me $260 (which I will NEVER see).  I didn't care at this point, I just wanted to finish out the season and BE DONE.  Princess KiKi felt the same way - until the new owner started showing us what she was made of -- let me tell you - she is AWESOME!

Within 1 hr of their first practice after their LAST competition, the girls had a new, HARDER routine with more difficult stunts - we placed FIRST at the next competition - and they weren't MATURE enough to handle it.

We just had another practice this week and the girls are already learning ANOTHER stunt that is harder AND WAY COOL!!

We have ONE MORE competition......

SO why do I tell you all of this??  A lot of people ask me why we put our daughter in cheer.  It is expensive, but should she desire to continue, she could easily get a college scholarship.  She enjoys it and has made some super friends.  It is good to keep her active and we have a GREAT time at the competitions.  Should she EVER not want to do it, I will happily pull her out and let her do something else - but right now, she likes THIS.

Happy Friday, sistas!


Shawn said...

It was such fun and I was one proud honorary Aunt!

Thanks for letting me share in her special day!

Lauren Kelly said...

Such cute pictures, Natalie. YAY for first place :o)

Lauren said...

Ughh to that former "coach!" That is unbelievable!

She is so cute with her trophy!