Sunday, April 12, 2009

What I learned on "THIS" vacation

  • If presented with the opportunity to take your BFF's very mature, 14 yr old daughter with you to Atlanta b/c your husband can not go with you - TAKE IT.
  • Getting up at 4:00 AM to head to Atlanta is not as bad as it sounds, you will miss all the Atlanta traffic (which isn't saying much).
  • You can function and drive just fine as long as you have a cold Coke in the cup holder
  • Calling your nieces and telling them you are about 30 minutes away as you are turning into their driveway is FUN ~ and hearing them shriek when they realize you are there is even better.
  • As soon as you walk in the door of your sister's house, see her comfy couch and sit down 'for just a minute' - you will wake up 2.5 hrs later feeling refreshed.
  • Going shopping with 4 kids is a badddddd idea, but good for the wallet.
  • Going shopping and finding out Macy's has a 2 hr child care drop off is AWESOME.
  • Going shopping with 4 kids, dropping them off at Macy's with 2 hrs to shop child-free, and then seeing the Coach purse you've been wanting for months ON SALE 50% off -- PRICELESS!!
  • Spending the day in the hospital with your Mom, sister and brother is not as bad as it sounds.
  • The Lord can show up in the darndest places ....
  • Having lunch with your sister and brother is good, really good.
  • The Georgia Aquarium is crowded, but very very cool.
  • Having friends that will drive 3+ hours to see you is an unbelievable blessing ... and makes my heart feel good.
  • Wild Child will pee in your sister's front yard (did I mention she lives in a fancy-shmancy neighborhood), all the while holding up his hand to me and my sister, proclaiming "It's OK ~ I'm a child"
  • Wild Child will run his little heart out in a FENCED backyard (hence the phone call to the fence company upon return to get estimates -- we NEED a fence!)
  • Wild Child will put his hands in every fountain he can find in Pemberton Place
  • Wild Child will steal a pen from the store at the Coca-Cola museum
  • The security guards and staff at the Coca-Cola museum will thank you profusely for returning said pen and say "We have so much stuff stolen from here daily" ... nice.
  • I will inappropriately laugh at my daughter during the 4D movie at The Coke Musuem -- a dragon fly (she is TERRIFIED) comes to the screen and gets close to your face, then it pokes you in the back -- remember it's 4D.  She LOST.  HER.  MIND. and I laughed at her.  I can't help it -- minor character flaw.
  • Wild Child will announce he has to go pee-pee and then stop to pull his pants down .... on the lawn at Pemberton Place.  Thank Goodness my BFF's daughter was there to jerk him up and stop the madness from ensuing!
  • A peach margarita from La Bamba is so. good
  • Getting up - again - at 4:00 AM to head HOME is not as bad as it sounds
  • Stopping at QT to get an ice cold Coke, as well as 2 energy drinks is not as scary as it sounds, especially when country boys getting their boat gassed up to go fishing are in the store to talk to you and ask you "What in the world are YOU doing out this early?" ... yes, I was the only girl in the store and yes, they opened the door for me when I was leaving .. I love the South!
   And finally ~

  • NEVER, EVER, EVER PROCLAIM "I can not believe we have not hit a lick of traffic!" - when you are just an hour and 1/2 from home ...... you. will. hit. traffic.
Pictures to come ... PROMISE!


Shawn said...

I am so glad your trip was more than you thought it would be...on every level.

I told you girl could talk. Next time try taking the BFF's very mature 9 year old daughter so you can truly learn the meaning of "Dang Gina she can talk"!

Better yet, take them both ;0)

Lauren Kelly said...

OMG!!!! Seriously, I have got to spend a day with you.... I will be laughing my head off the whole time, I just know!!!

Lauren said...

I am cracking up! The one about Wild Child peeing and saying it was ok...hilarious!!

I promise I am not ignoring your tag...will be done soon!

Executive Momma said...

I am a new blogger and first time commenter. I love your blog. Your child peeing in the yard - Hysterical. It made my day. :)

Kim said...

haha!!! I'm not surprised by any of this!!!