Monday, April 20, 2009

I am CHEERED out!

We spent the weekend in Daytona at a cheer competition ~ lots and lots of fun! The girls came in 3rd place this time, but we were thrilled with their performance. We were able to get it on video, however, they were so crazy about letting us get close, so the video is as good as it gets. HOWEVER, it is the whole squad. You will see where a couple stunts come down (hence 3rd place) but all in all, after everything we've been through this year with the gym (original owner took everyone's money and left, girls were not given proper attention to stunting, etc etc etc - we now have a NEW OWNER and we are thrilled thrilled thrilled!). SO with that being said, here is Kennedy's final cheer competition for this year. She is the one in the very back that runs over (it's totally easy to spot her b/c she is the only one moving at the beginning) and then she is the 2nd stunt group from the left (this is where they do a handstand and go on the base's shoulders and then up into a full extension - VERY cool) and then after that, she is the first stunt group on the left for the remainder of the routine.

It goes without saying that I am immensely proud of the girls. Kennedy is the youngest on the squad and really shouldn't even BE on this squad (age and no back handspring). However, the older girls have treated her like a little sister and she loves it and they love her. It has been so wonderful for her and a good experience (now that we have a new owner). She has matured leaps and bounds since being on this squad and she is excited for next year. The owner asked me if she was coming back b/c they were counting on her being a flyer and trust me, my girl takes her job VERY seriously.

Kennedy is 2nd stunt group from left ~ she's on the top!

Kennedy is on the end - far left

The only thing that happened that REALLY sucked this weekend was when a Mom from a competing team walked past all of our Moms and said "THAT -- was BAD" ... and I was like "WOAH, wait a minute, what did she say?" and I'm telling y'all, it took everything for me not to take my earrings out and confront her, BUT that wouldn't be very sportsmanlike. I fumed for a good 10 minutes but then realized I was letting it get the best of me. This was also the same Mom that when our stunts dropped, she clapped her hands and smirked. I was thinking VERY un-Godly things at that moment because I COULD. NOT. BELIEVE a mother would display that kind of behavior - right there in front of God and everybody. BUT, their team came in 2nd -- I'm just sayin' ..... I did send an email with my name SIGNED to the email (because I HATE anonymous crap ... seriously, if you have the nerve to post a nasty comment, send an email, etc - then have the nerve to sign your name!!) ... and just said that I thought what she did was uncalled for and very unsportsmanlike, that a lot of people heard/saw her actions and maybe they may want to say something during a parent meeting. I doubt it will go anywhere, but I withheld going 'all redneck' on her and just sent the email.

*** ETA: I received a very nice response email from the owner of the gym. She took full responsibility for the parent and apologized profusely. I feel better now.

Have a great Monday everyone ~ I promise to get back to my regular posting!


Lauren Kelly said...

YAY!!!! Go Kennedy :)

AndreaLeigh said...

wow, your daughter is super cute and talented. i love cheer competitions. how fun, and i'm sure she is learning some great life lessons from this.

that mom was not cool.

Shawn said...

I am so proud of her...and you!

Girl you know I would have so gone some Aunt Shawn crazy on the woman's ass!

Take a deep breath, it's over for a bit, but I know how you will miss it!

Way to go K!!!

Jenn said...

Shawn...I'm with ya. I would have totally LEFT the earrings in and gone all redneck crazy!! Can't wait until I can attend a competition!! Love you all!!