Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Renee's Birthday Brunch

Thought I had abandoned y'all - didn't you?

I didn't.

Month end - I work in real estate and it's been CUH-RAZZZZY, but that's a good thing.

Anyway, here are the long awaited details and pictures from the brunch I hosted for my sweet friend, Renee, in honor of her birthday.  It was SO much fun and I can't wait to do it again!! 

 Who's birthday is next??  

The absolutely GORGEOUS centerpiece made by my sweet blogless friend, Stacey 

Another bouquet made for the drink and dessert table with the extra flowers!  BEAUTIFUL!

The drink and dessert table ~ we had fruit tea, mimosa, peach champagne (stupid good) and lemon water.  The dessert was cupcakes from Sweetie's (a local DELISH bakery).

This was my place setting - plates and napkins are from Pier 1, clip butterflies are from Michael's and I spray painted old silver chargers to match the plates!

Details:  see the little bee?

The table: all set!  Each guest took home a 'grow your own daffodil/crocus/or something else I can't remember' ... I fru fru'd them up with ribbon and colored shred!

The name card -- placed in the forks and cut with my CRICUT!

Another shot of the place setting 

Another view of the table - I was just so proud of myself :)

Butterflies clipped to the chandelier!!!

The birthday girl's seat ~ OBVIOUSLY!

All of the girls ~ this is the crew that I will go to The Ritz with in July!  I had on a fantastic dress that my husband picked out for me, but you can't really see it ~ trust me, it was awesome!!  

I really enjoyed putting this together and look forward to doing it again soon!  We had chicken salad sandwiches (Kim's recipe), strawberry salad, fruit and cheese.  It really was perfect!  I wasn't stressed at all and ENJOYED myself.  The best part was fellowshipping with my sweet friends ~ it's REALLY important to do that, girls!!  


Shawn said...

Everything looked so beautiful!

Way to go...Watch Out Martha!!

Lauren said...

I am LOVING the butterflies!!!

And PEACH CHAMPAGNE??? Where the dump have I been? That sounds so good!