Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our trip ....

We got home LATE last night from an amazing trip to the Dominican Republic.  We stayed at an all-inclusive resort ~ Excellence: Punta Cana.  I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone wanting to enjoy an adult only vacation.   I'm going to post a few pictures each day, because there seriously are WAY too many to post on her all at once.  I'm still exhausted b/c we got home late last night and I had to really get to the grind today.  Shawn has some pictures posted as well.

This was at the white party ~ obviously we were limited on the white

Chad and his freakish toe (first thing he looked at on our kids when they were born - he did NOT want them to have his feet) -- softest sand EVER!!

The beach -- absolutely amazing!!

View as we were leaving our room -- can't beat it!!

I'll post some more later -- with some funny stories too.  I told Shawn "We are going to have so many 'in between us' jokes when we get back ...." and we do.  Stuff any of the 4 of us will say that NO ONE will get but us ~ but I'll wait to post that tomorrow!


Shawn said...

I can't wait to get my hands on some of your pictures! I have your discs, yes there's 2. and will give them to you tomorrow.

I wanna go back!

Lauren Kelly said...

How fun and sooooooo beautiful :O) Did you survive the plane ride?? haha!

Pretty in Pink said...

My bff just got back from this exact same resort in DR ... she loved it ... did you all do the native dinner on the beach?

Executive Momma said...

Wow, looks absolutely beautiful. So glad you had a wonderful time. :)