Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take a Tour Tuesday

Shawn is hosting a home tour and the first week is bathrooms! Now, let's be clear here, we live in a 10 yr old house that was deemed "BROCK GENERAL HOSPITAL" when we moved in. White white white and sterile sterile sterile. It killed me to find out the old lady that lived her (yes, she was old, I met her) ripped out beautiful tile and covered up custom paint to make it ... well, WHITE! We remodeled our master bathroom 2 yrs ago -- actually, that was one of my first posts! I'm wanting to repaint it again and do a little remodeling in there (nothing structural - all paint and NO $$ b/c I have GIFT CARDS!!) so I'm going to wait until I do that to post that bathroom. After getting back from serene and LIGHT ~ I've decided it's just TOO DARK in there.

Anyway, we had some repairs that needed to be done in guest bathroom.  We decided to go ahead and retile since (A) it needed to be updated and (B) it wasn't going to cost that much more to do the tile that we wanted.  We called our trusty contractor who worked us a STUPID deal (probably because I've referred him EASILY $40,000 in work) ~ if I told you what we paid to remodel BOTH these bathrooms, you'd call me a liar and well, I'm not a liar and it's just not important!  I used a lot of stuff I already had and called in some friends to do the rest!  

My bathroom tile here was inspired by Shawn's pool bath.  I liked the way the tile went up and how it was broken up with the smaller tile - HOWEVER - remember, BUDGET - so we used stone and it saved us a bunch of money, but still looks beautiful - it goes nicely with our home and this has turned into one of my FAVORITE bathrooms.
Best friend's husband owns a pluming supply store, so we saved MUCHO MUCHO on the fixtures.  I did not know if you had Moen, you had to put Moen there.  I bought some on ebay and they were DELTA .... but we REALLY wanted the shower rain head.  SO, we basically were able to order the MOEN from BFF's hubby, switch out the head and I STILL got it for waaaaay cheaper than it would have been walking into Home Depot!
We decided to take the tile all the way around and half way up.  LOVE it and so glad we did it.  There was some drywall damage when we took out the old vanity and so we covered it all up.  I am seriously loving the subway tile/stone ... cheap .. but still looks very nice and flows well.  That hand towel rack ~ is a paper towel holder that I thought looked better there.   The lamp is GLUED to the vanity b/c my husband was flipping out that one of the kids would knock it over and electrocute themselves.  I never thought about that ~ I guess that's why I have him around!  hee hee -- JUST KIDDING!! His Mom probably thought about it ...... HOLLA MARY!  

We don't have a lot of space, so we had to get a smallish vanity -- this one came from .... KIRKLANDS!  Was a display and CHEAP!!  I had coupons and gift certificates so it was next to nothing!  I do want to replace the faucet with a oil rubbed bronze one, that will have to wait though.

View from just out side the door ~ that light fixture?? Brushed Silver from Lowe's -- we put that in right when we first moved in.  I have a bad mama jama one I want to put there but I would have to move some wires over to get it centered and I'm scared to ... so that will have to wait as well.  I decided to take that one down and spray paint it bronze -- need to do that to the mirror too.  BUT anyway .... I like the look.   Thinking of replacing that shelf with a wall sconce with flowers -- actually, not thinking about it, I'm GOING to, just need to find time and mas dinero!

The sign just above the door going into the guest/pool bath ~ it says "La Toilette" and I have a cute little tassel hanging on the knob from The Nester.

This is my kids bathroom.  I have a son and a daughter, so I had to be 'neutral' - do you know how hard that is?  His room is red/blue/green - pirate themed.  Her room is pink/green - very GIRLY!  SO I had to really come up with something.  This bathroom was also part of the "STUPID CHEAP BATHROOM REMODEL of 2008" - this tile was on close out and I love it.  The tile in the shower floor was left over from master bathroom.  We decided again to take the tile all the way up and create a chair railing effect.  I love the way it turned out!   That little shelf was recycled from the guest bathroom, spray painted bronze and put in here!  

I will eventually put a sliding glass enclosure, but that costs $$ and we are tapped out ~ so a white shower curtain will have to do for now.   This bathroom never had a tub, but I like it better this way anyway!

I painted these cabinets - one of the first I did - with help from Rhoda - she is AWESOME!!  She gave me step by step instructions and really encouraged me to go after it.  I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out.  I had 2 mirrors over each sink, but thankfully, did not throw out the original mirror.  I drug it BACK out and hung it, framed it out and did the faux finish on the frame as well.  VERY inexpensive but adds a LOT of details.  I even spray painted the knobs so I wouldn't have to buy new ones!

Here is the rug that was my inspiration for this room!  It blends both rooms together perfectly.  We have a bunch of beach pictures of the kids, so I framed them up and put a little palm tree in a nice planter.  You can see where we carried the tile all the way across (when the granite was put in, the guys just RIPPED the old counter top off and we had drywall repairs that needed to be done as well -- fixed that by tiling over it)!

I love our bathrooms ~ I sometimes think I sell myself short on our house.  It's not huge, but it's lived in and very very comfortable.  We have done a really good job at making it 'ours'.  Sometimes I think it's not pretty enough, or cute enough, but now that I go back and look at these pictures, it's just perfect!  


Shawn said...

I love it! THanks for playing along even though I may not go forward with this.

Kim said...

LOVE them! I can't wait to see what you do to the master bath?!

LyndsAU said...

they are fabulous :) i love love them!

Jill said...

Wow~ the bathrooms look GREAT!

Kasey said...

I am feeling like the uncool kid with the way uncool bathrooms! Yours are gorgeous!

Tecia said...

I love the brown shower curtain in your bath. I wanted that same curtain from Khols, but I talked myself out of it..

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey, Natalie! I love your bathrooms. I'm so glad I encouraged you on painting your cabinets, now you can do anything. :)

And thanks for the note that you are starting on the picture frame molding. Good for you! See, now you aren't afraid to tackle that too. I can't wait to see it. Your house is SO pretty!