Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ummmmm - what??

This is our connecting flight to the Dominican Republic -- I'm
freaking out a bit. Good thing there will be cocktails waiting when
we arrive in the DR because I'm going to NEED it!!!


Leslie Woods said...

you would have died if you had been on my flight from San Salvador to Honduras last summer. The plan could fit 14 people and we were given a seat based on our weight because the plan had to be balanced on both sides. It was so small the cockpit didn't even have a door. It was awful. I could see all of our checked bags because they were place right behind the last row in the cabin with us!!

Lauren Kelly said...

haha! you'll make it girl :)

Pretty in Pink said...

LOL you sound just like ME! Last year when we went to the Cayman Islands we were on one of those POS planes. I was like ummm how is that propeller going to hold us up in the air?