Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend in Memphis ....

I left EARLY Friday morning for Memphis ~ one of my sweet friends got married and my sister and I were bridesmaids.  We opted to leave the men and children at home, and go by ourselves, thus initiating the first "Sisters Weekend" - which we decided will continue annually around this time each year.   The wedding was beautiful, reception a blast, after-party even better!

We had a blast, but my camera is dead and I can't post pictures, but let me tell you, my retinas are still bleeding from everything I saw on Beale Street.  Everyone told/warned me about it, but I HAD to go see for myself.....and I've taken 2 showers and scrubbed my feet until they are almost raw.   

I will resume regular posts tomorrow!!


Sherri Wheat said...

I just found your blog,read through it and really like it! Please post pics of Memphis!We are supposed to go there next month and I'd love to see photos.Thanks,Sherri

Trudy said...

Sounds like a very fun time, looking forward to seeing the pics!