Thursday, August 6, 2009

Accident Prone

That describes me almost perfectly .....

Yesterday, I walked in from work and my family was here! My little brother came to visit along with my sister and her family. Everyone is in the pool - swimming - well, all the kids.

I would tell y'all what happened BEFORE my incident, and it's quite pivotal to the story -- but -- because my blog is not private, I don't want to share TOO much info .... sorry, too many freaks out there and I don't need someone staking us out .... ahem ... continuing on......setting up the scene here.

My brother is nursing a very badly cut finger - my sister and brother-in-law are laying on the couch, both tired from their long drive.

I am in the bathroom that is connected to our pool entry door. I hear my daughter come in and she tries to open the bathroom door. She tells me she wants the dog shampoo ... we go back and forth and she LOSES .... she wants to bathe the dog in the pool - no, I don't think so.

I come out of the bathroom and I had on no shoes. We have tile that is SLICK AS ICE when wet. Princess is standing in the doorway begging me for the dog shampoo - I finally yell "NO - YOU ARE NOT BATHING THE DOG IN THE POOL!" ... at this point, our cat, Tipsy (that's his name b/c I must have been when I allowed him to come live with us) - comes walking in and I grab the cat (he's not allowed in the house) -- I turn around to take the cat back outside and as I'm walking outside, I start to feel my feet come out from underneath me.

I throw, no, toss the cat outside as I do not want the wrath of his claws.

I feel my feet -- like slow motion -- leave the ground and go UP in the air. I have on a dress, which is now making it's way up over my head. I hit the wall, then the door, wall, door, wall, door .... I continue this popcorn manuever until I SLAM into the ground - feeling a CRACK. My foot is lodged underneath the door jam and I see stars. Seriously -- it hurt SO bad.

I started crying. Like sobbing.

I hear my brother say to my sister "Uhhhh, do you think she's hurt?"

as I'm LAYING there, trying to figure out what in the HECK just happened, I am numb. My butt hurt SO bad ... my brother comes walking around the corner, still nursing his messed up finger and helps me up. I'm DYING. I had managed to put myself back together so I didn't scar my brother for life seeing my dress up over my head - thank goodness.

I'm standing there, trying to get my wits about me ... and my sister, my sweet darling twin sister, walks around the corner - FINALLY ..... and she is laughing.

Hysterically laughing -- apologizing, laughing, apologizing ... are you ok? OMG. Did you break anything? I'm sorry. laugh laugh laugh OMG. I'm sorry. laugh laugh laugh Oh honey, did you hurt yourself. snicker snicker. OMG. i'm so sorry. Are you ok?

She didn't do anything I wouldn't have done. I suffer from inappropriate laughter - seriously. Ask ANY of my friends. I guess I deserve it though. Well, not the broken behind and crunked up foot, but yeah, the laughing?? Yeah, I totally deserved that.

Wish I could put a picture on here for y'all -- but I'm sure that's probably illegal.


Amber said...

Oh my goodness! I started laughing as soon as I saw your post title!!

Great way to capture the comedy.

I hope your butt feels better soon :)

Many smiles,

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh my word, hate me if you must but I LOL'd on this one! You poor thing!!!!!!!! I hope you and your fanny are okay and well on the road to mending!!!!!


Okay, just had to get that out!

I'm better now!

But seriously, are you okay???

Shawn said...

I'll be supportive in just a minute.....


Do you need me to kiss your boo-boo? You so know I will if you need me to. I may not like it but that's what friends are for right?!!?

I'm so sorry for laughing at you when you called to tell me about it! But you have to admit that's some fun-nay stuff!

BTW ~ I'll be including a blow-up donut in your birthday bag since this seems to be a trend!

Mom, M.D. said...

My three children are together and two out of the three are on the disabled list. Jennifer, run!

Vivienne said...

It sounds like a sitcom! Bathe the dog in the pool? Cut fingers? Dresses flying up? Good grief! I hope today you take it easy and just rest quietly... and that your butt isn't broken!