Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Incredible Giveaway ......

I normally don't enter giveaways -- I NEVER win ... EVER.

Big Daddy works at the country station here in town, so I can't even 'call in to win' there .. NOT ELIGIBLE. I can't even CASH IN MY POINTS to get tickets to any of the concerts (Oh, but I can walk backstage ... so that makes up for it).


Tale of a Southern Belle is having a 200th post giveaway .... and it's SICK. It's one of the most generous giveaways I've ever seen ... so head on over and put in your entry. I would REALLY like to keep this one for myself, to up my chances, but it's too good not to share!!

I stumbled across her blog a few months ago and have been faithfully reading ever since ... anything SOUTHERN is for me.

Good Luck, Y'all


Jess said...

LOL.... too funny.

I was emailing you right as you were commenting on my blog!