Friday, June 5, 2009

Cute last minute hostess gift

I am going to a pj party at my girlfriends house tonight ~ it's going to be a blast! Stacey's best friend is coming in town, and so we were all invited to go over and visit. It has turned into 'wear your pjs' and now turned into 'we may or may not spend the night' -- I can't WAIT! Anyway, I am one of those people that 95% of the time, if going to someone's house, I bring a small hostess gift. Nothing crazy, but I have ran through the bath potion/lotions, candles, notecards, etc and wanted something unique. I was in Wal-Mart picking up last minute things for Princess' camp trip. I spotted this beauty:

THEN ~ I got out my trusty cricut expression and turned it into this:

Yes, I know it's a little crooked, but it's the very first thing I've ever made like this (there is a fleur-de-lis on each end). I am going to go back and fix it. I am tempted to go back and buy more of these buckets to keep on hand - what a great house warming, hostess, whatever gift! I LOVE IT! I think I need to make one for our family as well! Guess what - it was UNDER $10 too!! Hopefully Stacey will not read my blog until AFTER she gets her gift! I know she'll love it - I even matched it to her new patio decor.

Now - I thought I would show y'all some pictures of little Miss Delilah's newest obsession ~ the POOL! Now, I have seen here get in via the steps, but NEVER like this before. See the gray cat up at the top? I'm SURE he was the one that gave Delilah the idea and she just followed him up there - they are buddies.

Sorry, I do not have a picture of her jumping in the pool - but she did. I kinda freaked out. I took the kids to school this morning and left her out back for a little bit. I came back and she was SOAKING - so I knew she had been in the pool. I always wanted a dog that would get in the pool ... until the pool guy told me today that a dog in the pool is like having 80 people in the pool ALL AT ONCE! That much dirt! UGH!!

Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL Friday!


Vivienne said...

That is absolutely darling! I definitely think you should go pick up a few more of those! I need to get myself one of those cricut thingys.
(And I'm a hostess gift person too.)

Shawn said...

I love it!

Oh and I want one...please!

Jill said...

What a cute idea. I want one. I'm going to pick up a bucket (or 2) next time I'm at Wal-mart.

a H.I.T. said...

Where does one by a cricut?! That looks perfect.