Monday, June 29, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday ~ July 4th

I love Kasey and her Friend Makin' Mondays - it's been a few weeks since I last did one but since I'm a quest to get Sonic Rt 44's for an ENTIRE week on SOMEONE'S dime, I'm DOING it! Plus, I love July 4th - LOVE it!

This week's Friend Makin' Monday is hosted by the ever-so-hilarious, in-real-life BFF, Shawn, over at Seriously! She is a hoot and we are always telling people it's a total GOD thing that we are friends -- seriously. The timing was perfect. We entered each other's lives earlier on, but never quite clicked, and then about a year later, the moons and stars aligned and here we are.

ANYWAY ..... today FMM is all about July 4th. Here are the questions:

What are you doing this July 4th?

I will be partaking in festivities at the Seriously House. This is a tradition and something we've done for 3 yrs now. I'm not sure if they were REALLY going to host a party this year, but I nudged Babe and Shawn a little when I stood about 2 inches from their face at a recent event (go figure, me and Shawn at an event .... oh, one that we helped chair, imagine THAT!) - anyway - I stood 2 inches and said "WOW - I have this totally adorable red, white and blue bling shirt - would LOVE to wear to a 4th of July party - ANYONE HAVING ONE!!?!?!?!?! Really, I did ... and wouldn't you know, THEY ARE HAVING ONE! YAY!

What is your favorite dish to pass when attending a 4th of July party or summer barbecue?

I am not a cook. I am always the one that brings chips, Cokes, paper products, whatever. I have been making a fruit salsa that is quite tasty. You take strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi and a golden delicious apple - chop it all up, sprinkle some sugar over it and VOILA! Serve with some cinnamon wheat thins OR I took flour tortillas, sprayed them with Butter Pam and sprinkled cinnamon/sugar over them -- baked at 375 until they were toasty. YUM!

Do you have any July 4th traditions?

Yes -- going to the Seriously House and watching the adults partake in the waterslide ......

Share your favorite July 4th picture:

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures - it was taken at Safety Harbor Resort & Spa on July 4, 2005. Wild Child was just 6mths old. I don't know why I love it so much - maybe because he's contained, can't walk, can't be crazy, can't be WILD -- but y'all, I wouldn't have him ANY OTHER WAY!! Love this boy!!

Have a SAFE and Happy 4th of July, everyone!

Remember to thank our service men/women for all they do to protect us and keep us FREE!


Lauren Kelly said...

LOVED this :) :)

kimert said...

Great post!!! :)
Have a wonderful 4th!!!

Shawn said...

WOW! I already owe you ONE! Who's gonna keep score?