Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Am I menopausal, pre-menstral, WHAT IS IT?!?!

OK, so I got a card in the mail yesterday.

I immediately knew who it was from because I recognized the handwriting.

I opened it, laughed b/c it was FUNNY ... and then proceeded to bawl my eyes out.

The 20 simple words that were written meant more to me than this person probably thought they would. I needed it, too.

The handwritten words read:

Thank you for all of my friendship favors, kind words and gifts. You're a wonderful, all of the time, unconditional friend!

It was signed with a "Love ya Sistah" and my sweet friend's name. I haven't even called her to tell her how much it meant to me, but she reads my blog, so she'll see it :)

So I'm writing this to tell y'all out in blogland - you never EVER know the impact a handwritten note can do for someone. I encourage you to drop a note in the mail to a friend. Someone could be having a terrible day, and receiving a handwritten, IN THE MAIL, note could really brighten their day - or - someone could be having an awesome day and a receiving a handwritten, IN THE MAIL, note could just be the cherry on the top! For me, I was having a good day - had a great weekend and was really feeling the stresses of the past week start to roll off and having spent the day with my daughter, hanging with a new friend, and then coming home to this sweet note ~ really just made my day! It made me realize that God has placed people in my life, for certain things, to fill voids and to keep me grounded. I am so thankful for that!

~ Oh, and when I opened the card, it played the theme song from "Friends" ... SO appropriate!


Lauren Kelly said...

Sooo sweet and all you said was so so true!!! :)

kimert said...

Very sweet and true!

My very best friend periodically sends me hand written notes/cards in the mail and each and everyone comes at a time when I need it the most. I, too, bawl my eyes out and think about how luck I am to have such a great friend!

Thanks for sharing this. :)

Vivienne said...

What a great thing for your friend to do. You are right that something in the mail has more emotional impact, too. I think it conveys more thought and effort and even sincerity when they mail it as opposed to calling or emailing.

I have an encouraging note my best friend wrote me about 10 years ago. It cheered me up and made me cry at the same time. A few years after that she was in the same situation I had been. I read what she wrote to me over the phone ('cuz I still had that card) and her own words cheered her up!

Shawn said...

Awww what a wondeful friend you have! I wish I had one like her! Oh wait, I do;)

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