Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I think I've posted about this before - but I can't remember ....

I suffer from C.H.A.O.S - Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome

I feel like my house is always a flippin' wreck. I am OVER IT. I have decided I WILL conquer this house. Now, did you know it takes 10 days to break a habit? Meaning if you walk in, set your keys, mail, purse, junk, whatever on your entryway sidetable ~ it eventually gets to be a mess, right?

WELL -- if, for 10 DAYS, you do NOT set ANYTHING on that table, meaning MAKE A CONSCIOUS effort to NOT set ANYTHING on the table, ie: put junk mail in trash, hang keys up, put purse in bedroom (that's where I LIKE to keep mine) .. if you do this for 10 days STRAIGHT - you will break the habit of setting things on the table. Seriously - try it.

SO -- my big 'issue' has always been my laundry. I will sort it in the hallway, put it in the wash, move it to the dryer, etc. Once the dryer is done, I'll move it to the BIG COMFY leather chair and keep rolling with the laundry .... until I literally have a pile SO big that I dread having to sit down and fold it. THEN once I fold it, I'll put it in respective piles and then either LEAVE it in the family room, OR I'll take it to the room it goes in and stack it on a dresser, etc ... which then stays there for however many days/weeks it takes for me to get so fed up that I put it away. HALF the time, I forget about the washer and the clothes end up having to be washed TWICE!

SO -- rewind to 2 Sundays ago .... my darling, sweet friend, Shawn, came over to check on Peanut, who had spent the night and Babe wanted to see how the crown molding installation was coming (WHOLE DIFFERENT POST -- LET ME TELL YOU). She walks in and says "I will be back at 2:30 - CLEAN UP your kitchen before I get back" ... so you know what ... I did. I had it not quite spotless, but clean. Was it bad that her hubby says 'Well, you know, opposites attract, maybe that's why y'all are BFF' ... he's right ... ALL my BFFs are clean freaks. BTW, she didn't even bring me a prize for having my kitchen clean -- maybe my prize was having a clean kitchen!

ETA: Shawn was NOT b-yotchy when asking me to clean my kitchen. It was encouraging, more like a challenge. This girl has helped me clean my house more times than she probably has cared to (and so as my other BFF, Amber - do y'all see a pattern here??). She is constantly telling me how cute my house is and that EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE, EVERY PLACE HAS A THING (tell yourself that while you cleaning -- and the place may just be the GARBAGE or GOODWILL). Keeping my house clean is a MAJOR challenge for me ~ so I'm lucky to be surrounded by girlfriends that care enough ABOUT me to help me and encourage me and just not come over b/c they can't handle it. Now don't get me wrong, my house is not a pig sty - I just seem to always have crap everywhere. I dream of the day they can stop in and it is CLEAN ... and it's coming SOON, I just know it. I've conquered the kitchen (been over 10 days) and I WILL conquer the laundry/hallway situation.

Let me tell y'all what .... I have made sure my kitchen was clean every night before I go to bed. Big Daddy helps me SOMETIMES, but mostly it is me. I love love love it. LOVE IT.

Sooooo, THIS past Sunday, I get word that we are going to have a visitor on Thursday. One that I KNOW for a fact is a clean freak (WHAT THE HECK!?!!?) -- so I decide "HA! I'm going to have my house so clean, she'll have to go check the address out front!" I start working on the laundry and decide to really CLEAN the laundry room. You have to walk through the laundry room from the garage, if it's open, and then into the house. I had 'do not dry or I will die' clothes on top of the washer, crap everywhere ... I started cleaning that and making piles. I did one load of laundry - wash, dry, fold, PUT AWAY. Hmmm, that was easy. I work through all the piles, all the while, completely FINISHING the laundry. It didn't take me that long either. SO I then decide that I'm not going to make piles of laundry anymore. I'm going to just do that load - completely, and then start the next one. NOT having the chaos in the hallway was enough for me to realize this is what works FOR ME.

I do not have room for a sorting laundry bin, however, I try to do one load of laundry per day. I put my kids dirty clothes in laundry basket IN the laundry room. I may put a white/darks sorter in my daughter's closet b/c she has the room for that. When I'm doing a load, I just go through the basket and pull out what needs to be washed. It pretty much always stays full though (sad sad sad). This is the hallway now and has been since Sunday. It USED to be lined with piles and piles of dirty clothes.

This is my laundry room ~ I faux finished my cabinets myself - LOVE them - AND I made that chalkboard on the back of the door. It's not a huge area, but it's less for me to keep clean!! I have SO enjoyed walking in every day and not tripping over dirty clothes, etc.

Ahhhh ... so that's my boring blog post for the day. Maybe not so boring to some of you, I'm sure, but this is my life.


Shawn said...

Several things...

One, you make me sound like such a bitch! I did tell you to clean but only because you said you wanted to do it and that you hated the mess! I love you clean kitchen or not!

Second, I am so sorry for not bringing you a "prize" for cleaning your kitchen. I was once so good at little gifts, I must return to that!

Third, who is the mystery guest? Inquiring minds wanna know!

And finally, your laundry room looks AMAZING! I am so proud of you!

You know I love you like the baby sister I never had!

Ber said...

I am so proud of you Nat! It looks amazing and you will feel GREAT coming into a clean house everyday. I can't wait to see the rest.

Love ya

Mom said...

Things look great! Two rules for cleaning: When you put it down, put it up - meaning don't spend the time or energy moving it again. Rule 2: EVERYTHING should have a "home". If you don't have a home for something, don't buy it.

A clean house just makes life easier.

Love, Mom

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

i have a laundry chair too. i always fold it, and it stays in the laundry chair for atleast two days before it gets put away.

organized chaos i call it.

other than that im a little anal haha...

Lauren Kelly said...

You go girl!! :)

Shawn said...

You did not have to have go back and edit your post because of my comment!

You're crazy girl!

Natalie said...

@Shawn - I know, silly.

Let it be known that after 2 loads of laundry this morning AND I even made DINNER last night - kitchen/laundry room/family room is STILL CLEAN!! WOOT WOOT!

Mrsfatface said...

I swear I thought I was reading about myself...especially the part about the laundry and forgetting about whats in the washer and having to wash it twice. Congrats on getting it all cleaned up!

Mom said...

Pops is impressed with your laundry room!

a H.I.T. said...

Wow! I want a laundry room like that.

Amber said...

This is way too funny. I had a friend over a few weeks ago and she saw my laundry room and asked, 'How does that even happen?'

Well, the next week when she came over I had her go straight to the laundry room because I had cleaned it and done laundry non-stop.

I should have asked for a prize!