Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap .... it was THAT good of a weekend!

This weekend was a great one! I got a phone call on Wednesday asking if I'd like to go see Rascal Flatts -- I went last year and actually, have been 4x to see them. They are one of my all time favorite groups. My husband is very good friends with all of them, but that doesn't mean a whole lot of anything ... until I went to the concert.

See, I always walk in this one particular way. For whatever reason, I decided to go around to the back and see if they'd let me in back there. I had my VIP ticket in my hand, and just walked like I knew where I was going. I was stopped by security and then my husband appeared - right on time. He walked with me through the back where all the tour buses were. He was stammering over his words b/c he had just met Tim Tebow. For those of you that know Big Daddy, y'all know this is a SERIOUS dream come true for him. He loves that kid. He was walking me out to where our seats were and I stopped, looked to my left and realized the boys from Rascal Flatts were doing their meet & greet. The tour manager waved to Chad and I just started walking up their direction. The tour manager waved to me and motioned me up. I asked if I could just say "HI" and he told me of course, perfect timing, blah blah blah. I walked up to Gary and my husband yelled out 'Hey now, be nice, that's my wife' and Gary looked at him, went to shake my hand and yelled back to Big Daddy 'I KNOW! I KNOW!' -- then, I'm not even kidding you, he wrapped his arms around me and gave me the biggest bear hug, like practically lifting me all the ground -- and was making some jokes to my husband. It was funny, great, surreal. I do not get star struck -- ever (except for that one time with Trisha Yearwood) and so I decided to just roll with it and joke around with them. It was great fun.

This is when they were singing "What Hurts Most" --- beautiful song! Loved the set.

"Me & My Gang" -- we had great seats, no?

This was at the end - "Life is a Highway" -- there is Rascal Flatts, Tim Tebow and Darius Rucker.

Then on Sunday, I went out and met one of my BFFs in Orlando. I have her daughter for the week and so I went to get her and have breakfast. Courtney is like a big sister to me - she has been there for me through some major life changing events. She is my mentor and although we don't talk every day, when we do talk, it's like no time has passed!

Pam (who lives in my town and has become one of my BFFs, went to college with Courtney, so she met us out there too), Courtney, and me. The story about me and Pam is one of the fate, God things -- it's SO weird!

So that's it! Awesome weekend. I have a busy week planned and an even busier weekend. It's going to be a blast -- birthday parties and Nick Hotel!


Shawn said...

So glad your weekend was better than your week!

I've given you an award come on over to pick it up!

Vivienne said...

What a great weekend! It sounds like you had so much fun!

Lauren Kelly said...

You stink, that's all I got to say, sooooo jealous and you stink even more because you didn't see me while you were in Orlando, haha!!! :)

Tanielle said...

What an amazing weekend!! So glad you stopped by, and can't wait to read more about you! Have a wonderful Tuesday!:-)

...Mrs. Southern Bride... said...

Rascal Flatts!

Adventures in Newlywed said...

Wow, so fun!