Monday, July 6, 2009

Delilah and her "Retrieving"

Here is a video of our 5 mth old Golden Retriever, Delilah and her new found FUN! She found Wild Child's float from last year and has 'claimed' it as her own. She plays with it EVERY DAY! It is hilarious. You can hear my pool pump in the background .... sounds like it's about to go, doesn't it! EEK!

.....annnnnd why do we feel it necessary to talk baby to our dogs!?


Michele said...

Love that video! What a sweet girl...she looks like she's really having fun. I'm quite sure she thinks that pool is really there just for her!

Shawn said...

That dog is the coolest, next to mine of course!

No swimming for Deja for 2 weeks since she'll have stitches, she's gonna be pissed off!