Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seriously .... another swap!


I LOVE SWAPS! I've been so fortunate to always get great partners -- except for once, when I did a swap, and my partner did not send my item ... actually, she emailed me, thanked me for her package, and then told me I was lucky my husband was married b/c she just might want to snag him!

Y'all -- you can't make that mess up.

SO anyway, this one I am looking forward to ... .Shawn over at Seriously, one of my real-life BFFs is hosting this birthday swap - should be tons of fun!

So head on over and get yourself signed up - you won't want to miss!


Shawn said...

I'm so excited...and I just cant hide it...I'm about to lose control and I think I like it, I like it!

Michelle said...

I just signed up for the SWAP and I can't BELIEVE that someone didn't send you your swap present AND had the audacity (sp?) to email you and tell you that she would like to snag your hubby. OMG, the nerve of some people! I hope you blogged about 'said' blogger and warned others about her. :( But I'm sure you'll get someone great this time around!