Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday, Big Daddy!

Today is Big Daddy's Birthday! He's turning ...... {cough gasp cough} 46.

He is wonderful husband, daddy and friend .... everybody loves him and he's the most GENEROUS person I've ever met. Never met a stranger and will invite you to dinner after he's met you in the line at Space Mountain.

He loves his daughter ....

Adores his son .. his mini-me

and oh does he tolerate me ... but that's part of the deal, right??

So Big Daddy, because you literally have everything - because there is NOTHING I could think of getting you for your birthday, I thought I'd give you something you enjoy the most ~ rest.

We're going to the Don Cesar (not putting WHEN on here b/c there are probably a couple freaks that read my blog - don't need any groupies showing up at our room) for a romantic evening away - just me and you. The kids will be wonderfully taken care of by our sweet friends and we'll just relax, eat great food, and enjoy our beach front room!

Can't wait ....

We love you!!


Mom said...

Whew! Since you state that he has everything, that really takes the pressure off the present I was going to send!

Enjoy your mini-vacation.

Mom and Pops

Leslie Woods said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband.

Trudy said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! Sounds like it should be a great one.

Lauren Kelly said...

Soooo stinkin sweet!

And that hotel and location is supposed to be amazing! I know it will make for a romantic and wonderful overnighter :) Enjoy it, girl!

And Happy Birthday to Big Daddy :)

Shawn said...
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Shawn said...

Happy Birthday "Chunk". I love ya!

Can't wait to hog tie and beat oh umm I mean love on your kiddos for a few days!


Vivienne said...

What a great getaway you have planned! I love that he is carrying you piggy-back (...'cuz your shoes are adorable, but not good for hiking...?)
That sounds like a great man you've got there!

Miss. Pretty said...

Happy Birthday to your husband!!!!

Amber said...

Have a great time celebrating your hubby's birthday! Sounds like a good man...that has a good woman :)