Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday .... on Tuesday

So I'm a day late ... and probably a dollar short, but I'm going to press on with Friend Makin' Monday. Kelli at Outside My Kitchen Window is hosting this week's FMM for Kasey! This week's topic is:

Tell us about your BFF...where did you meet, was it BFF at first sight, how long have you been friends, etc. What makes him/her your BFF...what is it about this person that makes him/her so special to you?

I am a lucky, lucky girl. I have so many close girlfriends -- they are all such inspiration to me. Each one is special to me in their very own way! Here we go:


Shannon and I met almost a little over 3 yrs ago when she was living across the street from me. Actually, I had several people say to me "OH, you must be Shannon Gordon's sister" and I would be like "WHAT?!?! She must be SMOKIN'" ..it was the weiredest thing. AND then I found out we lived literally driveway to driveway. She is a trip and definitely my go-to girl for 'workin on my fitness', shopping (we are professional bargain finders), venting and just throwing out situations to her and hearing her advice. She is my "OHMIGOD, there are helicopters flying overhead" phone partner ... She also, if you remember, tiled my backsplash for me and has helped paint many a rooms in Casa de Brock. I treasure her friendship so very much. We go to a different Ritz Carlton every year for a weekend in July to celebrate her birthday, as well as our friend Stacey's birthday. It's SOOO much fun.

Shannon and me on my birthday last year. She took me to MAC and got my makeup done for me (we were going out that night) plus I got to get LOTS of makeup! SO MUCH FUN!

This is the rest of the crew that goes on our annual RITZ GIRLS weekend! These girls are so special to me and tolerate that I am just not "GOURMET" -- they all love that stuff. I love to eat it. That's about it.
Stacey, Susan, Shannon, Renee and ME! OH MY ..I look like I've had too much WINE! YIKES!! This was such a fun night ....

What can I say. This girl came into my life just when God knew I needed her. We had met several times before but never really connected ...it was perfect, perfect timing. We planned 3 MAJOR events TOGETHER and didn't kill each other. She makes me laugh over the dumbest stuff. We even vacationed together and didn't argue NOT ONCE. Seriously - NOT ONCE. She is a riot and often times I will call her, get her voicemail b/c she is calling me. It's crazy. She knows when a Route 44 Coke w/Lime will put a smile on my face quicker than a new outfit (well, ALMOST) .... she motivates me to CLEAN (actually, all my girlfriends do -- what am I saying about myself that all my BFFs are clean freaks??!?!!). She can joke about, saaaaay, an umbrella being in my bathroom floor and I don't get mad ... I just laugh b/c I know it's true. It is. We talk EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I absolutely adore her and could not imagine her in my life. My hubby loves her hubby too and my children love her children. It's a great match.

She's also the kind of girl that will jump in a Dominican phone booth with you and take a picture like this .... and not think twice about it.

~*Pam (hot blonde) and Alisa (other hot blonde)*~
If you read Shawn's post, I can completely agree with what she says about Pam and Alisa. Pam is hilarious, takes no crap, and has stories that you would never believe came out of that pretty face. Alisa looks like she just stepped out of a magazine ... always. She is hilarious as well - but I don't think she realizes she is as funny as she is! I love these girls and ALWAYS enjoy spending time with them!


I have known Amber since I was 11. So we've been friends going on 23 years! We met in middle school and only lived in that area for another 2 yrs before we moved to Georgia. We stayed friends over the years and definitely had our years where we went our separate ways, but always always stayed in touch. She knows me inside and out. Her parents are like MY parents. I have such a great love for her and her entire family. I was most excited about moving back to Florida and being able to spend more time with her! Little did I know the Lord had bigger plans and we are now living just 30 minutes away from each other. We talk daily. Our daughters are just 6 weeks apart and I pray they grow up to be BFF like we are!
Finally -- my BESTEST friend EVER ... my twin sis ... ~*JENN*~

I think she is the reason I am mildly co-dependent. I have NEVER been alone. We have shared so much as sisters, but she's also one I can call and completely FREAK OUT on and she won't hang up on me. She also knows my buttons too .... we have been able to visit each other quite often this year and I am so thankful for that. We had our first girls trip in May this year and we have now decided that it will be an annual thing. This year was Memphis and I'm thinking CHARLESTON next year! I love her so very much and couldn't imagine not talking to her EVERY. SINGLE. DAY (yes, I spend a lot of time on the phone or iChat) and I'm lucky to have her as a sister!

I know, I know - you are probably thinking "DANG, this girl has a lot of BFF" -- I really do. I have just a handful of close girlfriends that I absolutely could not imagine in my life. Period. Kim is one that has such amazing talent, but I have NOT ONE PICTURE with her -- NONE! Even when we visited each other in April - I did not think to get a picture - probably b/c she was chasing around all her children! HA! Kim is my only friend I have left from my TN days that I talk to on a regular basis. She is true blue and doesn't hold anything back. I appreciate and love her for that. I can call her at 11:00 PM and that joker will answer -- ALWAYS! Granted, I could call any one of these girls at 11:00 PM and they'd all answer, but Kim may be the only one that's actually AWAKE!!

Ok, now go write all your girlfriends a note telling them how much they mean to you - PRONTO!


Kim said...

Awwww - You are just tooo stinkin' sweet! I love you so much - and I do mean that in the cheeziest way possible!

and btw - it's 3:32 am my time {4:32 yours} and no - I've not went to bed yet!!!!!! Call me, I'm up! hehe

Shawn said...

Could you have chosen a worse picture of the two of us? We have what a million and one pictures together and you choose the one after that long butt flight! You did somewhat redeem yourself by including me in Pam and Alisa's picture.

Right back atcha sistah...Love ya!

Lauren Kelly said...

This is sooooo stinkin sweet! I'm calling my girlfriends, pronto!!! haha!!! :O)

Vivienne said...

What great friends! You all look like fun people. I love that your sis is your best friend.

Southern Belle said...

Thanks so much for reading my blog=)

Debi said...

Cute post! I love all the pics of you and your BFF's! Good times for sure!


J.J. said...

It is never to late to post about your BFFs!!!!! Is it too late to comment? hee hee

Man, you gals are gorgeous. Can I come hang out with you? You guys would make me feel super beautiful!

You are blessed to have such a great relationship with your sister. I wouldn't know...I just have a brother...sad I know :) He is pretty great, too.