Monday, July 13, 2009

Friend Makin' Monday - My Favorite Things

Kasey from All That is Good is still on vacation, so Mamarazzi from Our Dandelion Wishes is hosting FMM today! I've participated in 2 swaps with Mamarazzi and boy, does she know how to do it up! One of her swaps was a "Favorite Things" swap and I had a blast! Please note, I am NOT including my church, Big Daddy, kids, girlfriends, and things like that in this list b/c that is a GIVEN. I'm thinking things to tell you more about ME! SO, in NO particular order, here are my favorite things:

The beach ... LOVE the beach (sorry, this picture is too funny NOT to include, so I lied just a little about not including my kids .... FYI: his shirt is on backwards ... within 2 minutes of getting OUT of the car, he was running and fell face first into wet sand .... got all over his shirt so we just turned it around)!

MAC Lip Glass -- it's my favorite EVER. I love Viva Glam IV.

Chanel Dior Show mascara ...... try it - you'll be glad you did.

Sonic Route 44 -- COKE with Lime! I get one of these every other day or so --- it lasts ALL day long and is SO good! I'm going to try the pina colada slush you all have been talking about -- maybe TODAY!

My daughter did a fundraiser with Scentsy and these are NOW my favorite "candles" - they really do smell up the entire house and smell SO good! I recommend Cucumber Lime and Skinny Dippin' ... those both smell WONDERFUL!

Swiffer Dusting Spray -- I know, I know ... but oh my GOODNESS, it works on EVERYTHING!

MEK jeans .... I used to be a Miss Me girl and I still am .... and MEK is made by the same people. They just fit SO good!! Miss Me are my favorite for "trendy" jeans ..... with bling.

Y'all knew this would be on here --- CHICK FIL A. I love CHICK-FIL-A!! I could eat it every day for every meal! I could never get tired of their fries! YUM!!!

LOVE Country Music and specifically THIS GUY {GRIN} ... I actually just got my tickets for Brad Paisley/Dierks Bentley/Jimmy Wayne concert ON MY BIRTHDAY - WOO HOO!!!

My steam mop ....... I LOVE this thing! It works so great and uses NO chemicals. I do put a couple drops of essential oil in with the water and leaves a nice minty smell in the room for a few days. Ever since I tripped over my mop bucket and spilled DIRTY WATER everywhere ... I have so enjoyed my steam mop!

That's all for me! Head on over to Mamarazzi's blog and check out others participating in FMM.

Have a great Monday!


kimert said...

Love the beach, too! that pic is SUPER CUTE!! And did you say Sonic?? I'm headed there now! ;)

Kelli said...

I have recently discovered Sonic and I love the limeade with cranberry and mango. So refreshing. I wrote down the candles so that I can look those up.

J.J. said...

SONIC!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!

Love my Country music!!!!!!!! You lucky girl ;)

Bitter Sweet Moments said...

I love the beach too!! It is my favorite place. Happy FMM!!

Shawn said...

I owe you Sonic times 4!

Lisa said...

I also love Sonic, country music and I'm in need of a steam mop. What brand is yours?

Lisa in TN

a H.I.T. said...

I love chick-fil-a. It's unfair that they don't have a location near NYC.

Alicia said...

Great List! I love Chick fil a and Sonic's Cherry Limeade's!

Jenn said...

Who IS that guy...he looks familiar? I think there is a mild dysfunction that you do not enjoy a cherry limeade chiller...plan on going to Sonic at least 2x when I'm in town.

jenjen said...

Hi Natalie!
Happy FMM! Loved your list. I am going to have to try those jeans out. I usually stick to Citizens, but those look cute! I love the beach too! And you are the second person who put sonic coke - sounds refreshing!


Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, I am sooooo going to that concert with you!!! :) haha!

Marla @ Stolen Bon Bons said...

Great list - I also have sonic on mine. I love their cherry limeade slush.

Debi said...

Hey Soul know that it will be my birthday that day too...we must celebrate.