Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Birthday Brunch

Since we all have such insanely busy schedules, I got to kick-off my birthday a WEEK early with a birthday brunch hosted by two very special ladies! Shannon (blogless, barely gets on facebook ... but I won't hold that against her) and Stacey (ummm, the same, but she gets on FB a TEENSY bit more) hosted an absolutely stunning brunch this past Sunday at Shannon's gorgeous new home. I had several of my closest girlfriends attend and let me tell you, I didn't make it out of there without shedding some tears.

I love birthdays. To me, Christmas is celebrated in honor of the birth of Christ. We do not go overboard - ever. My children get 6 gifts each - 3 in honor of the Three Wise Men and one gift each from Mommy (clothes - ALWAYS), Daddy (something camo or hunting related - ALWAYS) and then a gift to each other.

SO with that being said - birthdays are VERY special to me. I love nothing more than searching for the PERFECT gift for someone that I love - and yes, I love my girlfriends. Nothing brings me greater joy than seeing them open their gift or getting a phone call/email letting me know they received their gift and how much they loved it (because yes, I even send gifts in the mail to my girls that aren't local ...). Really, it's my love language.

So Sunday was special to me, not because of all the fabulous gifts that I received, but because I was able to relax and spend some very much needed girl time with some very special ladies. I love each and every one of these ladies and would do anything for them. It meant the world to me that they took precious time away from their families to come celebrate with me!

Enough with the sappiness, here's some photos from the special day:

My place setting ~ yes, I had a tiara and yes, I wore it!

The table set ~ the food was TO DIE FOR! Really, it was so delicious!

Me & my cake ~ I am def a girly girl, so this was so fitting (that is a feather boa wrapped around a decadent cupcake from Publix, if you can't tell)

Me and my gorgeous girls!

** That dress is from the LC Collection at Kohl's - it is SO cute on**

My big day is Friday, the 16th, and I have plans to attend the Brad Paisley concert with my BFF Amber, she unfortunately couldn't make it to the brunch because her daughter had her first cheer competition - and HELLO - I GET THAT!!

DON'T FORGET TO ENTER MY GIVEAWAY ~ winner announced at 10:03 EST on October 16.


short southern momma said...

Glad you got to kick things off in style! I love what you said about how you all do Christmas..how cool is that?! Hope your have the best birthday ever! = )

maitlandmommy AKA Sheri said...

you look rawkin! Hope you had a fab time :D

Shawn said...

It was such a good time. I am blessed beyond measure to call you my friend!

Love ya!

Lauren Kelly said...

Oh, how fun!!!! So sweet, nothing like a good set of girlfriends!!

And seriously, Brad Paisley???? JEALOUS!!! I suppose you get to meet him too???? haha :)

Caroline said...

SO Fun!
and I tagged you on my blog!

Petunia said...

Wow--that was so nice to get together with your friends--it looks like a fun time!!

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

What a fabulous Birthday brunch! It looks like a fun time was had by everyone and I love your dress!

I am so jealous of the Brad Paisley concert - I love him! That will be a great time!

JennyMac said...

You all look GREAT! And love that feather boa around that cake.

Danielle said...

Glad you had a wonderful celebration...you deserve it! Happy birthday!

Kado! said...

how fun! you guys all look so beautiful! Love the table and decorations...so pretty!