Monday, October 26, 2009

Meal Planning Monday

Today has FLOWN by! It's going to be a CROCK-POT week I think ~ which is great b/c I LOVE the way my house smells when I've had something cooking all day!

Here goes:

Monday ~ Sweet Chili (yes ... again)

Tuesday ~ Chicken & Dumplings thank you to End of Beans for pointing out that recipe - can't wait to try!

Wednesday ~ Taco Soup

Thursday ~ Polynesian Chicken*

Friday ~ PIZZA

Saturday ~ BLOCK PARTY and trick-or-treating with the kids

Sunday ~ Vegetable Soup*

Polynesian Chicken

1 lb chicken breast or tenderloins
1 can cream of mushroom soup

Cook in crock pot ALL day
Serve over white rice, topped w/sour cream and crushed pineapple

Vegetable Soup

Basically, I just throw in an assortment of FROZEN vegetables, chopped up cabbage, diced tomatoes and water & chicken broth - let it cook all day long and serve with cornbread.


Pink Julep said...

I jsut got a new crock pot! So exciting! I've seen a bunch of you doing your Monday Meal Plans... I might join in sometime since I have been planning mine out every week for the past 3 weeks!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I love love love vegetable soup with cornbread, especially when it is cold outside! Delish!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I love crock pot-ting and you're right, the smell of the house is wonderful! I crock-pot a lot since I work all day. That chicken dish sounds great, I need to try it! Thanks1

maitlandmommy AKA Sheri said...

i'm stealing and archiving for next week. I always do crockpot meals on Thursday because of soccer, and sometimes Monday - depending on how late guitar lessons go for Walker. That chicken and dumplings recipe is definitely a keeper - and i have never in my life seen polynesian chicken recipe like that, so i'm trying both next week i think.

Sweet Tea in Seattle said...

I'm having a crockpot week too! last night and tonight and I have a couple more of Sandra Lee's semi-homemade crockpot recipes to get me through this insane week. I'm going to try your Polynesian chicken - thanks! :)

Legally Fabulous said...

mmmmmmm. Can I come over for dinner?! :)