Friday, March 28, 2008

~ Favorite Foto Friday ~

Ok, a friend of mine has turned me on to Favorite Foto Friday. Her name is Heather and she has an awesome blog ~ Faithful Froggers! She is listed under my favorites, so make sure you check her out and go see her cute little ones. She has a baby girl that will make you want to reach through computer moniter and pinch her little thighs - SO CUTE! Anyway, here is the photo I have picked for TODAY. The theme is "The Eyes Have It":

I love this picture! It captures Cameron's silliness and Kennedy's love for her brother. Her eyes are SO almond shaped (like mine) that when she was a baby and went to this one Japanese restaurant, this lady kept telling Kennedy she looked like a jack-o-lantern when she smiled! Literally though, her eyes would just disappear!

Happy Friday!


Sarah said...

Natalie... you children are beautiful... and I love the B/w... welcome to FFF!

Stephanie said...

Your children are beautiful. Your son looks like a charmer!

Welcome to FFF!

Faithful Froggers said...

So glad you joined FFF today! I just love the picture you posted of Kennedy and Cameron. What a beautiful photo!

Have fun at the cheerleading competition! We are going to Relay . . . after baseball of course! :)

Jennifer said...

Darn they're cute!!! Welcome to FFF!


Rachel said...

cool idea--maybe next week! LOL Cute picture!!

Tracy'sspace said...

Your kids are so cute. Welcome to FFF. I also came here through Heathers blog!

Kim said...

I love that picture!! I really like Cameron's "do"!