Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ahhhh ... SO BUSY!!

Life has gotten SO incredibly busy over the past week -- between school, work (did I mention that I have a FT job and I'm helping Big Daddy with his business, plus HE has FT job and we have 2 kids, one that may soon require me to be medicated ... I digress).  Thank goodness I'm doing a Bible Study ... it's my time during the week I can 'take it down' a notch and spend some time freely with women that I truly adore.

One of those women??  Yeah, she's hosting a giveaway for her 100th post ~ head on over to 
Shawn's site and leave her some lovin' .... she's truly got an awesome giveaway!

Have a great Thursday!!  

PS ~ I think I've decided on the PERFECT party favor for my girls .... will post pictures NEXT week since I know some of the fabulous ladies that are coming read my blog!!  


AndreaLeigh said...

i think spring just naturally speeds things up, because I've been running ragged too.

just wanted to remind you my blog has moved to

Shawn said...

Who are you kidding...we both thrive on busy!