Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank GOD it's Friday!

Shawn from The Trotti Times has tagged me with a confessional challenge, of sorts. This should be fun as I LOVE these sorts of things!

1) What is your blogger name? Natalie
2) When is your birthday? October 16, 1975
3)How long have you been blogging? My first blog post was in May or June 2007
4) Who tagged you? Shawn
5) Tell me your 5 most favorite body parts. My eyes, my long fingers, my legs that after 3 mths of walking 4 miles/day are FINALLY getting calf muscles, my boo-tay (because it was the ONLY thing going for me in high school!) and b/c I'm going to keep it VERY real, my chest .. b/c I paid a LOT of money for these girls!
6) What do you wish most for your birthday? To be able to actually get together with all of my girlfriends and celebrate - I missed doing that last year!
7) What color are your nails right now? A beautiful pink/white french manicure. ... my nails are ALWAYS like that.
8) Any depressing thoughts lately? Other than trying NOT to look at how much money we've lost in retirement and savings accounts ..... I try not to think depressing!
9)What's your next 1 month's plan? To continue thriving at church, and GET MY HOUSE UNDER CONTROL!!
10) At what age did you have your first crush? Steven Nash - 5th Grade .... I wonder if he's on Facebook!
11) Did you attend any school reunion after you graduated till now? Yes, and it was hilarious. See, I was a dork in highschool. I was tall and skinny ...I sang in the chorus and performed with our show choir. I had not yet 'filled out' -- I went to my 10 yr reunion and it was a blast .... but clicks were still clicks and no one seemed to change much, except for the boys -- they either got better or worse!
12) Have you ever passed gas in public and pretended you didn't smell anything? No, as far as my husband is concerned, the ability for me to pass gas was surgically removed .....
13) Are you a clean freak? I wish I was ... I actually waived my white flag of defeat the other day b/c I'm thinking of getting a maid ... FT job, running a business w/my husband, being a mommy, AND being the best girlfriend a friend could ask for is taking it's toll on my house!
14) Which era do you wish you were born in? I like the 40s a lot - mostly for the style, but this era is pretty cool too.
15) Are you a vegetarian? Ummmm no, that is grounds for divorce.
16) How many pillows do you sleep with at night? 3
17) Are you a light sleeper or an I-don't-care-if-there's-a-bomb-here sleeper? light sleeper for the most part .. but if I take 2 Advil PM and drink a glass of wine, that is a DIFFERENT story!
18) Do you secretly wear comfortable Granny panties when you man is not around? AB-SO-LUTE-LY not .... I do not own a pr of Granny Panties (sorry Mom and Dad and Harold and Mary if you're reading this!) .... I even wore maternity thongs (Yes! There is such a thing!)
19) What is your ultimate dream job? wedding planner .... HANDS DOWN!
20) What is your hubby does that annoys you the most? Leave stuff on the floor in the bathroom and STEP OVER stuff that is on the floor that SHOULDN'T BE! HELLO - PICK IT UP!!
21) What is your dream car? one without a car payment! No, really, prob the $120,000 Lexus sedan but it would come with a sign that says "No Children Allowed" .... 
22) Do you easily wake up in the morning? yes .....
23) Do you like hairy men? Ummmm, no. I do not. Chad is considered a 'bear' in the gay community (NOW LISTEN ~ before y'all get all uptight and freaked out -- we do not condone the gay lifestyle, however, we LOVE them b/c that is what God wants us to do (I'm being serious here .. not jokey-funny) ...... however, we have a few friends that live this lifestyle and we do not judge them, but we love them and that's all I am saying about that -- but this is how we found out about Chad's bear status.) I googled Chad's name once after an incident that happened in Greely, CO ... and this website came up that listed "Celebrity Bears" and I'm thinking "What in the world is a celebrity bear?" -- basically, it's what gay men call Big, Burly, Hairy men ... *cough* .... so Chad called one of his friends that leads this lifestyle and asked him about it and he said "Yep, you are considered a bear" ... and it's funny and I never let him forget it. Chad does get the waxy-waxy ... thanks to me who set him up an appointment for a massage with an extra ... WAX! OOOOOOH I got in trouble for that!
24) How about a man with a gotee? Yes --love a goatee
25) Which one would you prefer, a 2 hour spa massage, 2 hour Thai massage or a 2 hour foot massage? A massage in general would be great, but a 2 hr spa massage would be awesome!
26) Have you ever wished you had a different name than your real name? I hated my name growing up ... really. I wanted to be called everything BUT Natalie. I tried Nikki, Nicole (my middle name) -- so now everyone just calls me Nat and I really like my name b/c I don't hear it all that often - still!
27) What is the most extreme sport you have ever done? 4 wheeling in a jeep with a HARNESS on ... in the mtns of Tennessee. I also swam with sting rays once, but I got so scared I climbed up a guy's back and literally walked on water back to the boat.
28) Do you prefer traveling in Europe or Asia?I haven't been to either but I would have to say Europe.
29) What is your favorite food? Chick-fil-A ... or Mexican .. either one suits me fine.
30) What is your most embarrassing moment while out on a date? I ALWAYS sit on my foot. ALWAYS. Well, one time, I was at dinner with a boyfriend once and we were eating in a Mexican restuarant! When we got up to leave, my foot was asleep, but I didn't realize it. I stepped down to walk -- wearing WEDGE SANDALS -- and my entire foot buckled underneath me. I collapsed in the restaurant and he turned and looked at me -- telling me "GET UP! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" .... I was laughing so hard b/c I was EMBARRASSED and that joker walked to the front of the restaurant to wait on me - I guess b/c I was laughing, he didn't think I was hurt. I finally said "DUDE (not really, but I'm not putting his real name on her), I think I broke my foot!" and he came back and helped me up ...but did not CARRY ME like I deserved! Anyway, I did not break my foot, but I did fracture my bone. It got SO huge and swollen..... it was gross.

I'm not tagging anyone, but if you want to play along, just cut and paste and put on your blog!


Jill said...

I'm glad it's Friday too! My birthday is October 17th. Go Libras!

Shawn said...

OK I'm here to set the record straight.

#12 is a LIE!

I do remember, not that long ago, eing told "keep walkin' " while we where shopping. And if you think for a second that your Hairy-a$$ man thinks you don't "fluff" than we need to have a talk!

Love ya Sista!

Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, you are absolutely hilarious. Loved reading this!

AndreaLeigh said...

b/c I'm going to keep it VERY real, my chest .. b/c I paid a LOT of money for these girls!


love that your husband is a bear. and that you googled him and he comes up as such! good times. my husband is super hairy but too skinny to be a bear.

Ashley and Eric said...

Oooo, a wedding planner would be so much fun!

Leah said...

Funny list! :)

Kim said...

Great list! You are funny. However if I had spent a lot of money on my would be number #1 on my "things I like about my body list" not number 5! :) Have a great week.

Kelli said...

They have maternity thongs...get out of here. That person is making lots of money. Great list!

Tanielle said...

Too that you have girls that you paid for...that is great, I could just use a lift!:-)

Have a great Monday!

jenjen said...

Hi - great list!!! I love that date story - I have done that before, but haven't broken anything. That must have hurt!

And, I agree with the other posters, the "girls" should be listed as #1.

Have a super day!


momma said...

great list! did not know about maternity thongs - that's good to know, though. i hated maternity panties, so i just bought a bigger size of my regular style.

i do like your thoughts on a car too. kids can ruin a car!!

honeysuckle said...

Thanks for setting us straight on the 'bears' and your story with your sleepy foot was hilarious!

Christie in Dallas, TX said...

So funny! Love the comment about the panties -- I wore those thongs too! I have someone come clean my house, and it's the best. After working all week, and everything else, I'm so happy to not have to spend my weekends focused on cleaning.

Have a great day!

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