Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fairytale Weekend!

WOW! What a weekend!! First of all .... SHE arrived:

Delilah ~ doesn't she look like one of those fake dogs at Cracker Barrel?  You know what I'm talking about -- the ones that lay in a bed and breathe and stuff and are fake?  Well, she's not and we couldn't be more in love.  I'm serious.  She is an AWESOME dog!!   Thank you to everyone that sent us well wishes and praises on picking such a great breed.  

She has been such a good dog so far.  Yes, I know it's still new, but she has only had 1 accident in the house in 36 hrs ... and it was in her crate.  We are crate training her as I have seen it work for many many people and MANY people recommended we do that.  She doesn't cry TOO much, but I did get up at 5:00 and get her out of her crate to snuggle..... couldn't help it, you would TOO!

Kennedy went to the Strawberry Festival here in town.  It is HUGE and our town takes it VERY VERY seriously.  Here is Kennedy with the Strawberry Queen (guess which one!) and her court.  They were so sweet to Kennedy and no, I don't know if that's real fur ... I'm thinking ..... we live very very close to where strawberries are picked and sent all over the country.  I took my sister and showed her all the strawberry fields and she couldn't believe the amount of people working to pick strawberries.  You can normally do a u-pick, but during strawberry festival, they shut that down.  It's so serious around here, Kennedy has out of school tomorrow for FESTIVAL DAY -- to allow all the kids to go to the festival!! SERIOUSLY!

This -- THIS was the highlight of the weekend!  For those of you living under a rock, that's Taylor Swift with my baby.  She was at the Festival for a concert .... see, with Chad's job, we have a lot of cool perks.  Actually, since Chad was a recording and touring artist for 15 yrs, I've been fortunate enough to meet a LOT of country celebrities (I met Kenny Chesney on our first date!!!).  They have all been wonderful but it's always in an atmosphere where I feel DUMB pulling out my camera.  Well, now that he's working in a different side of 'country', I can go to concerts and just jump in the meet&greet line and have my picture taken and they don't have to know I'm married to their friend. FOR THE RECORD ~ I still buy my ticket to each and every concert. That is a line I REFUSE to cross unless they are offered.  There is still a lot of respect for Chad in the industry ~ which goes both ways (he never assumes) ~ and so he normally almost ALWAYS has an all-access pass backstage at every concert that comes in town.  He was able to take Kennedy with him and walked her backstage to meet Taylor Swift.  
Y'all -- how cute is this picture?  Taylor said "Ok, make a funny face" and this is all Kennedy could think of - she said "Mommy, she was so sweet!"
Chad said she got down eye level with Kennedy and talked to her, asked her about her outfit and told her it was adorable (thanks SHAWN!) ~ she was SO down to earth and just very very sweet to my daughter.  I wasn't there but she called me RIGHT after and I just bawled on the phone b/c I could HEAR the excitement in her voice.   They opted not to stay for the show b/c it was SO cold (seriously .... COLD) but Chad reconnected with her manager - they were great friends when we lived in Nashville, so they made plans for us to attend a future show!  I really don't think Kennedy cared!

For a good laugh, and again, PLEASE do not call any child services or whatever on me ... Cameron wanted his training wheels off and so, well, we did.  His helmet straps broke and his helmet fell off prob 3 sec before I figured out how to get my video back to REC... oh, and he's wearing his Christmas pajama shirt, too short jeans and shoes with no socks .... but whatevah ... like I say, JUST KEEPIN' IT REAL!!  Cameron is screaming b/c he wants Chad to let go of him .. you can see he is grinning ear to ear. He does not know how to steer without his training wheels on .. so he just rode and went wherever the bike took him. This is TOO funny not to share .... I know my sister, Mom and Mother in Law are going to be FREAKIN' ... but don't worry, no one was injured in the making of this video! 


LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

haha! i loved the no one was harmed disclaimer... but how was your car? haha...

and adorable photos with taylor swift! i love it when celebrities are actually really nice people!

Lauren Kelly said...

Awwww, how excited your daughter must have been to see Taylor Swift :o) I'm going to the Strawberry Festival next weekend!!!! Can't wait, and going to see Jessica Simpson, can your hubby pull any strings for me, haha!!! :o)

Shawn said...

hmmmm What's funnier

1. Chad running
2. Cameron screaming
3. Or you being worried about your car.

Girl ya'll are a mess!

Love the pictures of Taylor and Kennedy! I hope that girl stays sweet and doesn't turn into a crazy person shavin' her head and crap!

I'm making Delilah bells for the front door to help in potty training and will be seeing my four legged niece tomorrow~thank you very much!

Kali said...

If only you had gotten the mailbox one...the post and the story would be complete!

Shawn said...

You've been tagged. Come on over to play along!

Jill said...

Love the picture of your daughter and Taylor. How fun!

Yes, I'd love the Old Navy discount code. Thanks. Can you use it in the store or just online?

Amber said...

Is it weird that I'm 32 and totally jealous that Kennedy met Taylor Swift? Just asking.

PS-just found your blog and L.O.V.E. it :)