Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I asked Big Daddy if he would PRETTY PLEASE move the big blue Rubbermaid tote that was in front of our 3rd bay garage for 3 weeks now.  Almost every day I would ask him to move it.  I can NOT stand anything in front of the garage.  You would not think that to KNOW me, but it's true.  Seeing a garbage can NOT in the garage gives me the shakes.  I could not move 'said' big blue Rubbermaid tote because it was filled with heavy stuff cleaned out of the BIG truck.  It was HEAVY - plus, it was PRINCIPLE - RIGHT LADIES!?!!

So there it sat.

and sat ....

and sat ....

for 3 weeks until Big Daddy got a new Jeep and needed to move his little red truck (the hunting vehicle that we used to throw the leftover wood and junk in when we built out our wall unit ... a MONTH ago that is STILL in the driveway -- but at least it's in THE BACK OF THE TRUCK and not in front of my garage) closer to the front of the house so he could move the BIG Dodge (hello REDNECK .... seriously, you would almost expect the rebel yell call to come out of the horn after turning every corner like on Dukes of Hazzard) up ... blah blah blah.

SO -- Big Daddy comes limping in the house ... covered in blood on his knee and elbow.  I seriously looked at him and "WTF happened to you" -- except F = freak b/c I'm classy like that.


"Uhh, I'm not blind - why are you bleeding?"

Joker would not answer me - just heads to the bathroom to tend to his wounds.  I carry on with my massive cleaning .... which is STILL clean thankyouverymuch.

Later in the day, we are getting ready to head out to our friends house (see prev post) and he's in the shower, I'm blow drying my hair.  He is complaining about being hurt.  I say "Dude, seriously, what did you do?"

"I tripped"

"Over what?"

and then I lost it b/c I realized what he was about to say -- I started laughing SO hard ... I am LESS THAN SYMPATHETIC when people fall -- well, at least for the first few minutes - I ALWAYS help them up and ask if they are ok ... but I can not help it.  Character flaw - call it what you will.

"Well, I was carrying the broken sub-woofer (note: HEAVY) and I tripped over that tote and just fell flat in the driveway.  I had nothing to break my fall - actually, I was so stunned I had to lay there for a minute".

Insert CACKLE, LAUGHING, COULD NOT BLOW DRY MY HAIR, laughing so hard ..... 

I did not say "Are you ok, did it hurt, etc etc etc" that a sympathetic wife would say.  Do you know what I said?

"I bet you were thinking "Dang, I should have listened to Natalie" when you hit the ground"

and he said 'Noooo, that's actually not what I was thinking and you can quit laughing b/c you weren't even there"

IN spirit -- Oh yes I was .... 

This is after several days of healing ... looks much worse in person .....

Hey Big Daddy ~ Edward Cullen called, he would like his skin tone back!

We live in Florida people .. and we are the whitest, palest people I know!


Anonymous said... sweet jesus...that is sooo funny! I was just laughing outloud thinking about the two of you having that conversation. Big Daddy...har har...that's new--I like it--keep it!

Natalie said...

He got that name b/c Wild-Child patted him on the tummy and said 'you my big daddy?' and it stuck ...

Lauren Kelly said...

Seriously, Natalie, you crack me up to no end!!!! :o)

Shawn said...


That will teach him!

Today could have been funny posts about my DH! The "He Ate Dog Treats" is up and ready for viewing!

maitlandmommy said...

tell chad vance said he felt the thud at my house - and that you would think after being married so long he would have just listened to his wife LOL.

AndreaLeigh said...

now doesn't he need to listen to you more often? i love those moments. haah!