Friday, March 13, 2009

Confession ....

I didn't wash my hair today ....

or yesterday ....

I am planning a little ladies luncheon and got sucked into Hostess with the Mostess website .... yikes.

Looked at the clock and realized I was going to be LATE to my meeting .... crap.

Jumped in the shower with my hair pulled on top of my head (I have a LOT of hair and it's THICK .... takes me a long time to blow dry), I looked like I was in a boxing match -- bobbin' and weavin' trying not to get my hair wet. I needed to shave my underarms .... can't find my razor .... look over and it's on Big Daddy's vanity. NOT. HAPPY.

Jump out of the shower and slip and slide all over our newly cleaned/polished travertine floors (done by me a la Cinderella style) Grab said razor and it's actually an old one ... make mental note to apologize to Big Daddy for said accusation that never happened, but it did in my head .. still can not find my razor but I did find one that will do the job.

Throw hair in rollers, keep them in long enough to put my makeup on and take them out. Hair looks ... pretty. freakin'. awesome

I tease it like crazy and put in a headband. 

Got compliments all day -- maybe because I never wear my hair like this -- but maybe I'll start.

Kinda hides the fact I've been up until 2 AM most nights ... having sleep issues and I'm getting about 4 hrs of sleep each night. 

Go Gators, btw.

Anyway, it saved me a good 25 minutes ... anyone else do this?

Below is video from Big Daddy singing the National Anthem at the beginning of the concert here this past weekend ....... he nailed it.  He served in the Navy and is one of those guys that stops military personnel in the airport, shakes their hand and thanks them for their service.  So he takes singing the Anthem very seriously.  We were very proud of him!



Jenn said...

You are a freak...wore my hair JUST like this today. tellin' you no lie.

Shawn said...

Oh you are a dirty dirty girl!

Love the sassy sex pout by the way.

You're too much!

LovesPINKandPEARLS said...

i do that all the time! and for some reason it always looks prettier than clean hair?

and yes, GO GATORS! (btw, what was with our basketball team losing last night, i nearly cried...)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

You and your hair are so cute! I just found someone who can really cut my thick wild mane and am really happy today.

Jill said...

What is it about dirty hair? It's always so much easier to style.

AndreaLeigh said...

i must wash my hair every day b/c it feels like an oil pit if I don't. but I do occassionally wake up super late and do the dance in the shower to keep it from getting wet. it looks ok if I flat iron it and tease it.

i love your second day hair look! super cute and sexy!

ChelseaMarie said...

I just came across your blog I hope you don't mind that I added you to my blog roll! I do the unwashed hair from time to time and get more compliments than when I actually take the time to wash it! Go figure!

Lauren Kelly said...

Girl, you crack me up!!!!!! Love your humor. We need to spend a day together, don't think it would lack laughs, haha!!!! :o)