Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's all about the packaging.....

I am a packaging 'ho -- wrap something up pretty in cellophane and ribbon and I'm done.

Trust me -- it's amazing what a $2.50 candle can look like all dolled up with ribbon.

I recently ordered some items from an online store called Queen Bee Sauce. They sell 100% salicylic acid (the stuff you use for your face) in a powder form that you mix with your cleanser. I want to try it because my skin is about to drive me crazy. I use VERY good products already, but I'm hoping this will be the extra 'hmph' that I need for 'perfect skin'.

Anyway - I ordered on Tuesday.

TODAY - in my mailbox was a bright purple pkg. I was so excited - b/c I knew it couldn't be a bill!

It was my stuff from Queen B! HOW CUTE!

This was the kicker - INSIDE the pkg, they had a little note thanking me for my purchase, some more information and then a BIT 'O HONEY! Seriously -- SOLD. I thought that was the CUTEST thing I have EVER seen!
Brilliant marketing - yet so so easy. Chad's BFF owns a company and he always puts candy in with his shipment - I tell ya what - it makes you go back!


short southern momma said...

What an awesome idea! your sooo right when someone takes the extra time to do something like that it does make you go back. Hope you are having a great Saturday! = )

KT said...

I used to order newsletters from a company that put candy in the shipment every month. Have no clue what the newsletters said but I sure looked forward to that box every month!

Lauren Kelly said...

It's all about the marketing :)

Kado! said...

I'm totally like that too! I love the extra personal touches some companies add...and I always go back to them more often then others! that is really cute!