Tuesday, September 8, 2009

What works for me .....

I've really been trying hard to keep my house clean ~ all. the. time. While it is a daunting task, it's not one that I don't feel like I can't accomplish.

It just takes patience.

I have a friend that lead a bible study for me last summer. We all talked about cleaning our homes and how sometimes it's just a mundane chore.

BUT - if you add some music and then turn the focus to Jesus ... it certainly changes things.

IE: Shining your toilet for Jesus .... think about it. If you were to just CLEAN your toilet, well, that's boring. BUT - if you were to clean your toilet and say OUTLOUD "I'm shining for Jesus" - well, that just changes things, doesn't it??

I'm not trying to be funny - really. Everyone that knows me well, knows that I have struggled with keeping a clean house (all the time - I'm one of those people that USED to not let people in if my house was a mess -- not anymore -- well, because it's not a mess anymore). I'm not talking about those people you see on Clean House or anything - I'm talking about just mail everywhere, dishes in the sink, laundry that needs to be folded that stayed housed on our large recliner.

I have gotten so much better - because I changed my attitude about it! Knowing that I'm cleaning my house to show thankfulness and a grateful heart to Jesus makes it seem much less mundane.

I've met some super women on twitter - yes - a social networking site. These girls are great and we have decided to hold each other accountable with flylady.net. That is a great website to get you started on getting your home in order.

SO to start off this week - since yesterday was a holiday - I'll ask all my fabulous readers this question:

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE/BEST TIP IN CLEANING? Something you do that you can share with blogworld that will help others?

Mine? I always start and FINISH whatever load of laundry I got going. Meaning - it's folded AND put away. I used to fold, stack and then place in the bedroom -- now it's completely put away and done -- takes me MAYBE 10 seconds EXTRA to do this and boy, does it help in the long run!

Have a great Tuesday, my sweets!


Mom said...

What works for me - "When you put it down, put it up."
Meaning: Instead of carrying the folded towels to the bathroom, go ahead and use a tiny bit more energy and put them where they belong.

Mom said...

What works for me - "When you put it down, put it up."
Meaning: Instead of carrying the folded towels to the bathroom, go ahead and use a tiny bit more energy and put them where they belong.

The Dishy Decorator said...

Great post, and I am going to the flylady.net today and printing this weeks' tasks.

I don't think it's silly to have the attitude you're talking about. I didn't come from a wealthy family, and my mother always taught me to appreciate and take care of what I have. This includes my home. I think we need to realize how blessed we are to have the beautiful homes we have and take care of it with a JOYFUL heart. God commands us to be the keepers of our homes.

If you watch the news and see some of the people that are living in tents or in homeless shelters, it puts things into perspective. I'm sure most of them would love to have a washer and dryer to have clean clothes to 'put away'.

I thank God that I have 'met' you and I'm going to go shine my sink now;-) *HUGS*

Christina said...

My least favorite chore would be folding the clean sheets. I learned a good tip from Martha Stewart - keep sheet sets organized and together by folding all sheets and pillowcases of a set and putting them into one of the pillowcases. Also, I can't live without my Roomba vacuum - especially with our two pets!

Lauren Kelly said...

so so true!!!! attitude if EVERYTHING!!!!! :) :)

maitlandmommy AKA Sheri said...

I'm lucky enough to work from home, but that means that any mess is one i get to stare at all day. What i do to give myself a break is say "how much can i do in 5 minutes?" it's a challenge to myself, gets my butt out from behind the desk, and usually by lunch, i have the dishwasher unloaded, the beds made, laundry done and put away and at least the great room spic and span. I do this on the weekend too with the floors (i HATE doing floors)

Anonymous said...

YOu know I love flylady too! That is my saving grace! Just focus, do the zones and voila! A clean, maintained home!

Great post!

Anonymous said...

oh so true!! I've got my notebook here and I am ready to go! = )

Shawn said...

Girl, I'm a little misty here, I'm just sayin'.

Cleaning tip #1 ~ everything has a place and every place has a thing.