Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fried Eggs and Coffee

My kids have been asking for fried eggs and coffee -- for those of you that know me, ya'll know I took one look at my children and requested a DNA test.  I do not eat eggs that often, ESPECIALLY not a runny fried egg and ESPECIALLY not with a cup of coffee.
My Dad was visiting and made a pot of coffee and so Cameron asked for a cup.  Dad made him a cup and Cameron kept saying "No milk, no sug-ah, I want it just like Pappy" (GAG!) ... this all started on our last visit to my parents.  Dad was drinking coffee and Mom made Cameron a cup - granted it was MOSTLY milk and just a teensy bit of coffee.  This time it was all BLACK coffee and the joker DRANK IT.  UGH!  I prefer an icy cold CAN O' COKE for my morning 'caffeine' ...I can get past the coffee, but a fried egg!!??!?!  
Then today, Kennedy asked for a fried egg in a piece of bread.  WHAT!?!??!  She said that when she was at Aunt Shawn's house, she heard about it and wanted me to make it for her. I asked her "Did Aunt Shawn make it for you?" (because she SO would have had Kennedy asked) ... anyway, I get the piece of bread and b/c I don't have a cookie cutter, I used a wine glass to make the circle, because I am a REFINED Southern girl -- I put loads of butter in the pan and put the bread in there. I cracked the egg and was doing good until I broke the yolk a little. I gave it to her and my child, my sweet, beautiful almost 6yr old daughter DEVOURED the egg and bread combo - while I am looking at her and swearing that a band of thieves came in during the night and stole MY daughter's soul. THEN, she asked me to make another one ......

This time I did not break the yolk, it was actually very nicely done -- as far as disgusting fried eggs go -- and I even thought to myself that my Dad would be so proud - let alone my husband (who is not here otherwise he would have been making it). I place the bread/egg on her plate and she cuts into it and I hear:

GROOOSSSSSSSSS!!!! MOMMMMM-MMMYYY, the egg .... it's not DONE .... this is DISGUSTING!!

I smiled ... SHEW!! That was a CLOSE ONE!!


laralee said...

Isn't that funny, Drake asked for eggs today too, but he likes scrambled thank goodness!!

Shawn said...

Look at you being at Domestic Goddess!

They are called crocodile eyes, but at the Trotti house we call them Egg With A Hole..why I'm not sure that's what my husband named them when he was a little boy and it stuck. I'm so not an egg fan, a scrambled egg once in a while is ok but anything runny, so not happening, but I do have t admit they are yummy!

Shawn said...

oops I meant ALL Domestic Goddess.

Next time just tar the center of the bread out with your hands, come on let your inner red neck come out to play!

Shawn said...

Seriously! TEAR the center do not tar it it won't taste so good!