Friday, July 11, 2008

In case ya'll were wonderin'

I got my picture today!!!

Could it BE any more PERFECT!?!  Kim totally outdid herself!

When I called her a few months ago, I had been looking for a 'relax' sign but all I could find where the wooden letters that have a base and are all attached - you can't hang it on a wall. I had a picture of renaissance looking naked guy on that wall - seriously - but that picture was WAY old and just didn't go with the decor of the bathroom. It's very Tuscan. Yes, our house is a modge podge of styles, but I have always stuck with the reds/bronze/gold in our bedroom. That towel rack?? Got it at Hobby Lobby for $7.50 ~ yep. I've had it for a year now, forgot about it until I opened up the closet where my air conditioning unit is (NO COMMENTS Shawn) and found it. I keep a lot of things in there that probably aren't supposed to be there, but I'm just keepin' it real, ya'll.

So I had to do a little patch job that even my husband commented looked great - I'm becoming quite the renaissance woman - doing all this handy work myself. Really the only way it gets done unless my Dad or Chad's dad is visiting (Hello Harold - when are ya'll coming back down!!!!). Dad will be here in a couple weeks and if you are reading this (because I'm SURE my Dad reads my blog, but Mom will give him the message just incase) - I got some projects for ya!!

Anyway, back to the painting - as you can see from the wall color and the painting - it's DEAD ON and girlfriend didn't even KNOW what color my wall was painted. The towel is not really that red, but it picks up the burgandy in the painting. it's just GORGEOUS and so much bigger than I thought it was going to be!! Thanks Kim!! LOVE IT!!


Kim said...

That would be $195.99 - thanks for doing business!!

Okay - just kidding!! tee hee - It does look good! I can't believe how great it looks with that wall color!! And I must say that I'm impressed with all your "handiness" - didn't know you had it in ya'!

Rach said...

Oh wow Nat it really does look great there. Kim did a great job as always!! I must say I'm impressed with all of your "redoing" too. Makes me want to do something to my house and I am SO not the decorator you guys are!!!

Holly said...

That looks great! Wtg Kim!

Shawn said...


That Kim she has skills!

My Beautiful Mess..... said...

You and Kim got some mad skills between ya! Looks AWESOME! I am going to take a trip over and check out your beautiful home one day :) Hope your having a great weekend!