Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Seriously, ya'll - when is it going to STOP!?!

Today I went to lunch with one of my clients and we had to stop by a house that is closing this week. When we got there, the buyer was already there. We went in just to say hello and let me tell ya, the house was OLD and PINK (MAUVE). The lady that lived there died in the hospital and her daughter in Ohio didn't feel like coming down and dealing with the house. She sold the house and it's contents for $160K - house appraised for $215K - so these buyers got a STEAL - but they are going to have to COMPLETELY renovate the inside of the house. I was looking around and asked what they planned on doing with the stuff in the house - you know, making small talk. The lady said "We're going to sell it all - have an estate sale, but I'm blowing stuff out" and so I casually asked about a wrought iron candlabra and she said "Do you want it?" and I said "Yes, I think I do ~ how much do you want for it?" and she said 'If you'll just take it, that will be payment enough!" -- YA'LL!!!!!! AGAIN - I would NEVER in a gagillion years have even looked twice at this.  


AFTER (primer and ivory satin spray paint)

So I don't think I'm totally finished with this - any ideas to spruce it up would be GREAT. Maybe some gold or bronze paint rubbed on? I think it's going to go in my guest bedroom - the 'shabby beach retreat'.


Jenn said...

go get that rub on stuff from Michaels. I can't remember what it's called but it's in the section with all the "mediums"...ya know, modge podge.

My Beautiful Mess..... said...

WOO HOO the Lord is looking after you. What a great find. I would patina it (really soft and subtle) that would look really good with your shabby chic look. I cannot wait to see it!!!

Kim said...

Jennifer it's called rub n' buff!!

Nat - I think that is tole - meaning it's worth something! Alot of something - You my friend did get a steal! Google Tole Chandelier and you will see what I'm taking about!

Holly said...

very cool!